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Exercise More, eat less Junk and have a Beautiful Body

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Over Christmas I eat lots and S.F.A . My PT commented I looked exactlt the same as before Christmas. Now Coming from a PT Im guessing thats not bad. Its nice to not have christmas set you back. yay.


Have Started an exercise diary again as I have found this really works for me.


Its time to get me ass shacking baby and Im doing it. YAY


Did a RPM class for the first time today. amazing. And fun. May feel it tomorrow tho.


I have not got back into the gym yet but have done a couple of walks this week. Its been so refreshing going for walks along the beach. Its nice its not raining

Getting to Move

I have Started to go walking when I can so that’s good. And starting to think about getting to move. This is good thing for Me as I tent to think and then wham bam thank you maim Ill start getting Moving again.

Oh dear

I was doing so well back in NZ.
But since moving country ect I realy need to get into the swing of things again. And stop eating lollies also. So I will do my best to go to the gym three times this week and take it from there.

Three weeks to go

Three weeks to go with the 12 week chalenge and feeling wonderful and a size 8. working out 6 days a week.

Im doing it!

4 weeks into My 12 Challenge And Ive been exercising 6 Days a week, I have lost 5cm around my butt and got a smaller size in jeans And the best thing of all Im really enjoying it.

Health Nut

No just joking. I have been exercising every day and feeling great. My diet has been reasonably good. but could always be better. I am not downing hotcross bums or chocolate at night, and my arms are looking great. Hoping the legs will follow soon.

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