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knit a sweater

8 cheers


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40 B4 40

This goal makes it onto my 40 list. I’m heartened by the fact that I found another ball of wool. There’s still hope.

it's only wool...

I accidentally smashed my row counter in the car door, and I know I’m going to run out of wool long before the end of this sleeve. It’s official; I’m scared of this cardigan.

working on it

Okay so it’s a cardigan rather than a sweater, but it now has two fronts, a back, most of one sleeve and the start of another. I’m not convinced that I’ve got enough yarn to finish it though. Oops.

Very slow progress

It’s in the queue, behind finishing my daugher’s sweater. My daughter’s sweater was temporarily abandoned as I ran out of wool, halfway up the last sleeve. It’s not going well. I’ve picked it up again, but I’m more than a little dispirited about the whole thing. I guess she can wear it in the garden, if nowhere else. If she hasn’t outgrown it before it’s finished.

another one down

This one has a digger on it. It’s a great jumper. It’s just not for me. Neither is the one I’m working on at the moment. Why am I always last on my priority list?

this is not my sweater...

As requested, here’s the dinosaur. He’s from a pattern in Lucinda Guy’s Designs for Kids book, and he needs some embroidery to finish him off. It’s my first attempt at fairisle/intarsia, so it’s not too bad an effort. The colours used in the book are much better, but this yarn was supplied free by my mother-in-law, which I’m happy to go with!


I’ve started knitting another jumper for my son, as he starts kindergarten in September. I want him to have something special to wear. I’m pleased with how it’s going – it’s the first time I’ve dealt with stripes, fairisle techniques etc – and lo and behold there is a little dinosuar on the front. It does mean that my own jumper has been pushed back on the agenda though. Plus I want to knit him some socks, and a pair for my husband’s birthday. I’m not seeing my way clear to starting this one yet!


For myself. Me, myself, I. Mine. All mine. Not for the children. A proper, grown-up jumper (sweater), just for me. I’ve even bought the wool in the January sales. First, I have to finish the jumper I’ve started for my son, like, before he’s grown out of it already.

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