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reach gold league in 1v1 Starcraft II

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Action Plan

For when I get W7:

- Identify three units. Play only with these three.
- Write down a starter build with exact timings. Review Huk videos for inspiration.
- Must attack every 5 minutes from the 10 minute mark.

Goddamn it.

So apparently my anxiety is making me freak out over playing this game vs. another person.


Account Upgraded!

Merry Christmas to me, and I finally have a full copy of SC2. I can now rest assured that even if I am forever bronze, I will at least be able to access the wonder that will be Blizzard DOTA.

I’m gonna do my placement matches sometime in the next few days, when I can set aside some hours.


Well, I finally bought SC2 the other day. I guess that’s a good starting point.

I know it’s weird that I’ve had this goal for so long without actually owning a copy of the game. It’s very simple as to why: I love it as an esport. As a spectator sport. It’s incredible.

My journey finally begins!

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