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Ongoing, but lots of victory

Little things left, but taking them on one at a time and fairly confident I’ll get there, eventually.

Yesterday, moved my china out of two disgusting cardboard boxes in the garage and transferred to a really beautiful cloth hardsided bin, repacked with felt separators.

A few weeks back, I cleared out my office closet, made huge progress. Even went through my fabric scraps and organized those (little scraps, larger scraps). Put my sewing machine where it’s easy to pull out and work with.

The computer has been completely redone and is in good shape. Made a separate profile just for work and writing that is clear of everything except those ventures, so I can work there without distraction.

Bought a labeler!


Tons of progress made here…moved all my music and podcasts off my computer to an external hard drive so it runs much faster, then cleaned up my horribly messy desktop. I feel calmer every time I look at the screen.

more than just stuff

Really, it’s such a mindset. It’s about stopping subscriptions to magazines you don’t read that much, taking a blog that isn’t that interesting off your google reader. Giving books back to people that you don’t like that much, allowing yourself to be a girl who wears mostly grey and black and jeans and not thinking you should be wearing color or accessories or whatever. It’s finishing projects to clear out your mind, deleting random stuff in your email…

I was gone for six weeks this summer and fit everything in one suitcase (granted, I wore a uniform while I was there, but still) with the extension closed and came home with the same suitcase, extension open. I had to go out of town yesterday and my coworkers were surprised I Was able to bring one bag total (for work supplies and my overnight stuff).

So I know I can be like this in some areas. It’s just eliminating those last hold outs….like my desk. My office closet. Mail.

Still some to be done

Just random stuff that I haven’t dealt with, especially now that there is room in the closets to store a few things as needed.

A pretty simple list

Now that we’re in a normal sized house, it’s easier to see what really remains to make this a reality. A lot of them exist as other goals on this list, but I still think leaving this one up is important.

The garage has some stuff that needs to be sorted, but our car fits in there and everything we need to access for home maintenance is within reach. It’s just been SO HOT in the garage that we can’t really do much out there before wanting to pass out.

My parents house has been cleaned out. I have pared down the keep stuff fairly well but could invest in some good storage options for some of those things (ex: a plastic box for all my doll house furniture to keep that dust free in the garage)

My filing system could be a heck of a lot better…

Overall, though, I haven’t feel this good about things in awhile.

organized? really?

Several people commented on how organized I was two days after the move. I don’t want to be too hasty in thinking this, but perhaps I really was about as organized as I could be, given the circumstances, and now that I’m in a proper space it’s actually apparent.

I will say, my office closet is an organizational thing of beauty.

Even so, I’m not willing to call this done. A bit at a time…this morning, it was looking at old 3.5 diskettes. I have a 3.5 diskette reader and I put all of the ones I had in and pulled stuff off (interesting stuff, too….for real). Glad I did it, and glad that I now have approximately 3.5 inches of space back in my desk.

Seriously, though, every little thing counts, right?

We’ll see how the new house treats us. Recently the problem has not been so much as having too much clutter, but not having proper places for things, born out of not having space (versus having too much stuff)

We are moving next week and this may be the last piece…finally being in an appropriately sized house for the two of us (4 of us, counting cats, five of us counting the business)

those random boxes

There’s only a few left. One today had surprisingly little in it. Mainly, some letters and photos.

I know that I will need to go through my letters again soon to clear them out. I’m also trying to decide how to store them. I currently have them in a few nice boxes, but I have an antique suitcase from a friend. I’m completely unwilling to get rid of it, but I don’t have anything in it. Should I maybe store the letters in there so justify its existance? It’s this kind of thing I’m never quite sure about.

The container store

Where have you been all my life?

I got inspired watching a youtube video about organizing your closet. Then I went to the container store, which was great. I got some stuff (not too much) that solved some really weird org. problems, and I’m happy with the $150 I spent.

We got new carpet, and that required us moving everything out of the house, basically. The new carpet is beautiful, and it’s new inspiration to keep the house orderly. The old carpet was so so cheap and old that no matter how much you cleaned, it still looked rather, eh. Now, you actually CAN make the house look nice…

So today I was putting most of the stuff back. I was working to make sure I had a place for things, and then I was diligent about putting it in its place. No more shoeboxes of random stuff. For real. I’m done with those.

We went through things we had too many of (towels!), which opened up more space to easily store our laundry detergent (instead of just shoving it in there). Purged a few more books, clothes, etc. Am bringing stuff in a little at a time so that I can really work on putting stuff back correctly. Two large boxes for goodwill, too.

Am starting to notice some things that are actually helping. I love my iPhone, especially a list app that I bought for $1. I can make separate lists for grocery store, target, bring to work, etc. It’s not even a fancy grocery app, just a simple list one. When I’m in the kitchen and I see we’re out of something, I tap it into my iPhone. At the grocery store the next day, my list is automaticallyw ith me, and whatever I don’t get remains on my list. This has helped me a lot. I’m also becoming more cognizant of what I have coming up and what I can do to make that easier for myself.

Part of what I realized today about getting this stuff is just doing hte things I mean to do. I realized I had never washed my afghans, and so today I finally put the last two in the washer. I wasn’t doing any other laundry, but it took me 10 minutes to go start them, and now they are done and smell wonderful. It’s just doing it! I’m opening my eyes and saying “what is out of place? where should it go?” It almost never bothers me individually, but collectively the things out of place really bother me. It’s so lame, but there really needs to be a place for everything, and then it’s easy to put things away. It’s only when there isn’t a place for something that cleaning up is a drag.

I’m hoping the new carpet is the final push I need to get me over this hump and make me actually organized. The thing is, I AM organized. At work, with my duties and calendar, I am. It’s only with my STUFF that I am not. So I know I can be organized, it’s just getting to the right place so it’s possible. And I’ve never felt this close before.


some progress

Moving my desk today, helped me and my husband go through some papers and other things.

I have two vacuums. It’s kind of dumb, but we have these carpeted stairs and an upright is just a bear to clean them. I got fed up and got a canister vacuum that I love for the stairs. I thought it wouldn’t be powerful enough for the rest of the house, but I think if I keep the filter clean and vacuum twice a week, I can downgrade to just one.


Somehow getting rid of big clutter is a huge deal. It’s like getting rid of four boxes of junk all at once. My friend is having a garage sale next weekend and I’m happy to give it to her.

I also realized that some storage is not bad. I used to have all my old school binders on the shelf above my desk. They’ve already been gone through…it’s journal articles and things that I want to keep because it can save me digging out articles as I continue to go to school. But do I really need them taking up my limited shelf space above my desk? Probably not. So I’m going to go get a plastic filer just for those binders and stick it in my closet. the rule is that I can only keep as much will fit in there, which is generally how I deal with storage. So Now the shelf I have is actually USABLE because I don’t have 8 inches of old paperwork up there.

I’m feeling a little better about things. I was crying the other day about it, so this is a good step.

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