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grow my hair


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Getting there!



$100 Reward

My grandfather said he’d pay me $100 on October 1, 2012 if I didn’t cut my hair anymore from now until then. If I do, I have to pay HIM $100. I really just needed some motivation to let my hair grow out. I have a difficult time getting past that awkward phase of it touching my neck and looking like a mop on top of my head. I really like my hair short… But I miss it being long, too. :/ Blah… I’ll probably chop it all off once it grows out again, but… Oh well! :)

August 26, 2011

My hair is chin length in the front, around my face, and I think the back is very close to catching up. I think I’m gonna wait another month before I get a trim. I also need to get a chem treatment for the damage I did to it when I hilighted the hell out of it. So… My ultimate goal is for it to be down to my elbows when my arms are hanging by my sides. Got a ways to go, yea? lol


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