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Two was the ticket to play

I bought two yorkie puppy brothers 5 days ago and they have given me so much happiness and fun playtime. We take at least 10 outdoor play runs a day which includes finding fun sticks to chew and interesting obstacles to face. (They have each ran headlong into the swimming pool and I have had to jump in to save them…brrrr as well as saving them when they decided to visit and yap at two very pissed off horses) They are a blast and I miss our playtime when they have to take a nap.

Help me get my mojo back

I confess, I’m a bonafide workaholic. I think I have forgotten how to play…and that’s just not living life in my book. I remember fun. There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get all the business put to bed so I can have fun. I am probably going to sound like that commercial”Calgon, take me away” but being a wife, mother, and business owner there just isn’t time for fun anymore. My biggest fun lately was catching glimpses of the movie “Christine” that my daughter and two friends were watching as I was making dinner. SAD

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