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"You Could Be Happy."

“Do the things you always wanted to…don’t think, just do. Take a glorious bite out of the whole world.”

"Welcome to flight [ ] heading to [ ]"

“Let’s just lay out a map of the U.S., close our eyes and point to a spot.”

My mom has never been on an airplane before and is kind of saddend by this. She told me the other night that she wanted her and I to plan a trip and ‘just go’. I’m really happy that she is so excited about flying. Originally she had suggested going to Hawaii, but I told her that was a terrible idea for 2 reasons: a) If you get on the plane and find that you hate flying, too bad because you’re stuck on that plane for 13 hours. b) I don’t like hot places, nor would Hawaii be a cheap ‘spontaneous trip’.

Any suggestions? I would love to go somewhere on the east coast.

3 elements.

I think that photography is really what makes me want to travel. There are so many unimaginably gorgeous places that I never knew existed. Of course I couldn’t name-drop even if I wanted to because I have a terrible time remembering them, or I never knew it in the first place. From now on when I come across a picture of a location that is stunning, I’ll make note of it.

I can't even fathom this.

The Big Reveal

You owe me nothing in return.

“I plan on visiting every country, and not just for a day.”

There is only one person I know who would say this and hold to it.

“Dream Big!” – Advice from the wise

They mean what they say.

I would never change that about them.

Another thing – don’t ignore the things that are best for you.

“Find the one who will guide you to the limits of your choice.”


- “I’m leaving soon,” I remind my mother. “Sunday.”

“Sssshhhh,” she says. “Don’t talk about it.”

I’m always leaving. I get somewhere only to leave it again. – H.B


To make this goal easier, I should become an astronaut. I’ll see the majority of the world in one sitting, plus i’ll get to witness space.

Go me.

Not too on topic

How cool is that! That’s like – - – utopia! Movies, huge couch, and a stunning view? Sexy.

"Go west - paradise is there."

When will I have time to travel the whole world? When I think about it, the one line that comes to mind is, “Doesn’t it make you sad to know that life is more than who we are.” I guess that’s a valid statement. Life Reality is infinite – we are not. You will always be at least a step behind the next best thing; there will always be something you haven’t done. It’s the same concept as, “There aren’t enough hours in a day to get work done.” I just don’t think there is enough time in life to see the whole world.


This is a life’s journey.

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