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plant an herb garden

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Landseer has written 5 entries about this goal

Kitteh 1-Herbs 0

Yah…gonna have to begin again…for
some reason, my kitteh was under the
impression that the herb potting stood
for kitteh litter…then she just took
over and staked claim over the whole
damn thing…strange kitteh…naughty
kitteh! She really does look so cute
sleeping there though…

Oregano down

I planted my oregano now, so next is to get the
other herbs. I’m also getting lavender if I can
find any left.


heh, yah. I got oregano plants so far.
Now for the rest.


I managed to find a few herbs. Now to plant them.

NOOOOO! Bad kitty! Herb garden is not the litter pan!!!

Heh, as the title suggests, my kitty made my last
batch her litter pan and killed all my herbs. I’m
hoping to successfully grow a herb garden this year.
I’m also going to plant a food garden me thinks…

We’ll see how it goes.

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