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360 Days! (12 Months)

So as of Today, it’s been one whole year of going to the Gym and It feels Great. It’s inspired me to even change my Diet, I’ve been sober now for 60days as well. I don’t havve a drinking problem, but I didn’t want Alcohol to mess up my results, so I’m looking to make it 90 days no Alcohol and then I’ll allow myself to drink again. I’m just excited I actually made it 12 months straight of going to the gym, because it’s basically become a Lifestyle now and an Activity I enjoy doing too! =)

New Workout Plan

Monday:Legs and Cardio(40mins)
Tuesday:Chest/Triceps and Cardio(40mins)
Thursday:Back/Biceps and Cardio(40mins)
Sunday:Legs and Cardio(40mins)


Monday:Chest/Triceps and Cardio(40mins)
Wednesday:Shoulders and Cardio(40mins)
Thursday:Calves/Abs and Cardio(40mins)
Friday:Back/Biceps and Cardio(40mins)
Saturday:Legs and Cardio(40mins)

318 Days!!!

So I haven’t been on here for a while, but after I completed my first 90 days of going to the gym, I figured why not try and go for one whole year straight. I’ve been going in increments of 90 day challenges, so as of now I’m on my forth 90 day challenge and I’m at 318 Days so far. So I’m only 47 days away from going to the Gym for one whole year straight! =) It’s actually become a joyful habit now to work out, and it’s something that I’ve learn to become passionate about and will continue to do in the future

90 days!

I’ve already challenged myself to go to the gym for 90 days straight and not only did I do that but im 30 days into my next 90 day challenge. I’ve recently challenged myself to eat nothing but healthy proteins for 90s days so I can really start to eat healthier, technically today is Day 1. I’m excited!

Day 85

I challenge myself to go to the Gym for 90 days, not so much a strict eating plan, but to have the discipline to go for 90 days straight, even if I don’t feel like it and I’ve done 85 days to far. But I want to do another 90 day challenge but also have a stricter diet. and then another 90 days that will lead me into June!

Just went to GNC

Well I’ve gotten down to a nice weight, but now its time to start Building Up the Muscle. I just came back from GNC and got some Protein Powders, Creatine and Post Work out Mixes, Had a Great Work out Today, and I’m excited to start really getting back into the Gym and Going Hard! I don’t think I’ve been this inspired to lift weights since college. =)

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