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swim with sharks

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Adventuring goals

This is one of the adventuring goals from a ways back when the website sprung into existence, its been through a couple of incarnations then and one book publication, I think that a lot of peoples goals have become much more sedate since then.

I like to keep a couple of real adventuring goals, even if they dont look like anything I’ll achieve any time soon, just for the hell of it :D

I cant believe this

There’s shark diving in Edinburgh!!

I started looking at websites today...

which offer holidays or tours incorporating swimming with sharks, I think it would be cool if I could find some buddies to do this with, otherwise I’ll be going on this trip alone, which would be fine but shared adventures are cool

Beats Dolphins

I think that there’s plenty of time for cutesy challenges like swimming with dolphins when my youth and courage have left me, for now its high adrenaline challenges like coming face to face with the great predator of the seas!!

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