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Develop a Vision Statement & Goal Plan for my Life

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She Leaves it all behind

Transition is both retrospective and embryonic, we reflect back upon the journey life has taken us on with appreciation and reverence, and yet at the same time cast our thoughts onwards to the misted horizons that lie beyond the open seas of the future. As I pack my life into cardboard boxes I am entrusted with a deep seeded gratuity for this life I have led, it has been a culmination of inspiring moments, great accomplishments, exceptional and influential people and experiences that shall forever instil my heart with fond and inspiring memories. Will I come back? That is always a definitive question that knows no definitive answer. Will I be the same person when I come back? The answer to such is indisputable… the woman who returns to this corner of the world in twelve months time will not be the same woman I know today. Life moves on and so must we.

For two years I have led a shell of a life, unsure about the dreams that lie latent in my soul and unable with any sense of certainty to yield myself to commitment or change. I lost myself, I lost my direction, I lost sense of purpose and destiny, I was living a hollowed out existence. Looking through boxes of letters, awards, certificates, prophecies, photos… I realise how much I deviated from destiny but for why and what purpose perhaps I shall never know – it was part of the journey. Perhaps without the slight detour I would never be able to give expressive perspective to the future… perhaps it was not a detour after all but simply part of a bigger picture larger than myself.

What I see around me is just a mirage of the life I thought I might like to have or happened per chance to find myself in… but essentially it’s not me. Simplicity, Beauty, Minimalistic Living, Spontaneity, Creative Freedom, Wilderness, Mountains, Unknown, Impulse, Simple Enjoyment, Exploration, Adventure, Daring feats, New Experiences, Challenge, Life on the Edge – it is the core of who I am, it is what inspires my deepest passions and arouses the greatest inspiration and delight. Life is not without its complications but it should not find its orbit solely around complexity, if it does… perhaps we need to change our orbit.

Redefining the Vision

I spoke to a friend several days ago and as the essence of this goal had been weighing heavily on my mind of late, my answers to his futuristic questions translated as being somewhat vague and indecisive. I was surprised even in myself that my inarticulate view of life had transposed itself into the very things that I have always been so certain about.

My tentativeness in responding to his questions reinforced in my own mind the desperate need to complete this goal. Visioneering is not as I had always believed it to be ‘knowing the future’. We cannot possibly know or comprehend the unseen variances and circumstances of life thus leaving us little authority to wield them but we can direct those things which are in our control. We can foster in ourselves the tenacity of spirit to define our circumstances, to ignite change and to pave a road of direction upon which our journey can begin.

I am at a point in my life where there are more unseen variances than there ever have been before. Some would argue this to be justification enough to ‘go with the flow’, however I argue more passionately than ever that now is the opportune time to define my life. For should I not purpose my journey at this point, I will not have sufficient enough grounds to make the upcoming critical decisions which will plot the course of my life. ‘Know thyself’ Shakespeare wrote. Know who you are, know what is the driving wellspring of passion within your soul, know your giftings, know what stirs your heart to compassion and ignites your spirit to revolution. When we truly know ourselves, we put ourselves on a path to success and influence that is wholly removed from the outward circumstances that seek to govern our lives. We choose a path that closely resembles W. E Henley’s ‘Invictus’ which notes ‘It matters not how straight the gate / How charged with punishments the scroll / I am the master of my fate / I am the Captain of my soul.’

Setting our Eyes upon the Goal

Vision encompasses so much, it is a word that can alter the course of our destiny, and it is an ideal for which we can spend our whole lives striving towards. As I was running last night, a memory came to mind which perfectly encapsulated the idea of vision and stimulated my thoughts on the subject.

I use to ride horses many years ago. I rode western style as I had come to despise the prim and proper elegance of English riding… My father, brother and I rode often in the bush of the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria. We had no inhibitions, no fear of falling or unforeseen calamities and we put complete trust in the ability of our horses. When I was younger I had a headstrong pony called brandy who used to challenge me no end and test my strength as a competent rider. Whilst his challenging and defiant personality intimidated me somewhat when I was younger, I was soon forced to learn strength and gain confidence enough to challenge him back. Yet the day I became truly his master and his submission was completely bowed to my control was the day I found I had outgrown my beloved pony. A new season was on the horizon.

I graduated from a pony to a chestnut quarter horse named ‘Ransom,’ though strong and flighty at times, he had a very gentle manner and temperament and a supremely graceful form. I used to have riding lessons each week at a training centre in Nar Nar Goon which was just as much to train the horse as it was to improve my skills and level of confidence. One session which is forever ingrained in my memory sees me riding around the large arena and being unable to steer my horse without agonizing effort into the corner of the arena. The horse, tempted by the opportunity for a shortcut, would take a shallow turn around the rectangular shaped circuit rather than turning deeply into the tightness of the corner. I persisted each lap to try and steer the horse, focusing on the position of my reigns, the angle of turn and the degree to which I was tightening them but my attempts were to no avail. After several laps of futile progress, my trainer stopped me in the centre of the arena and said ‘the reason why you cannot get the horse into the corner is because you’re not actually looking at the corner. If you’re not looking where you’re steering, how are you going to steer the horse in that direction?’

The amazing truth of this analogy was simply this… when I focused my attention on the corner of the arena, I instinctively maneuvered my hands and steered the reigns towards the direction of my gaze. My eyes (focus) directed the path and everything coerced without thought or intellect to fall into line with the vision of what was ahead. My hands corresponded accordingly and the horse maneuvered into the corner effortlessly as though it had traveled that same route a thousand times before.

The problem with our interpretation of vision is that we think we have to look at the mechanics, i.e. look at the reigns and where our hands are, rather than what lies ahead. We watch each movement, we try to tweak and change the way we do things and the logic behind it, but what we fail to see is how those changes actually correspond with the vision that’s ahead. Unless we set our gaze at all times on the goal itself, we will lose ourselves in the processes, the intricate details, the choices and the alternate routes, if however we find wisdom enough to set our eyes only on the vision ahead, I believe everything else will instinctively fall into place.


I always feel an element of hesitation in penning anything to do with my future. There are so many unknowns, so many hidden opportunities and unforgiven threats that I almost feel daunted by the task.

The truth is, our lives are not revealed as long direct highways, instead they are revealed in the form of a single unmarked stone. When we step upon that stone another is revealed, then another, and another until one day we look back and see behind us a road.

The unknown is not there to daunt or discourage, rather it is there to dream and inspire. For we have the power to build our own highways, to choose the stones on which to walk and determine the direction we wish the road to take.

Not Where, but How

Vision Statements encompass who you are, your passions in life, and your purpose. Though the road ahead may lie shrouded in a blanket of mist and there is no certainty on the horizon, one thing is sure. That you know who you are and what you want to achieve in this lifetime.

I have passions, I have dreams, however I do not know where this road of life will take me. All I can do is plan how I want to live my life, who I want to be and how to travel upon the path of a rich and fulfilling journey.

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