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The Natural Way

After several months of following a vegetarian diet I feel much healthier. It’s forced me to embrace alternative foods and diversify my diet… change is always a good thing.

With all things in life, we go through seasons of change, of embracing new things and changing our lives to adopt to our current circumstances. I cannot foretell that I will always be a vegetarian, however for the moment – for this season in my life it is the most complimentary option to take.

I’ve been amazed at how narrow my views of eating were before undertaking this challenge, if anything – adopting a vegetarian lifestyle is a great way of diversifying our eating habits.

Fried Eggs & Bacon

As I sat at a small coastal cafe ‘Bayorama’ at Hervey Bay on Sunday morning, I contemplated the menu and had the rather dispiriting revelation that I will never have bacon and eggs again!

As gluten free bread was not available, I settled instead on an exotic fruit salad which to its name was beautiful. It is a sacrifice deciding to lead a vegetarian lifestyle, however such sacrifice is indeed rewarding for I feel much more vibrant and healthy than I ever did when on a high red meat intake.

I think I’ve adjusted quite well and am constantly arming myself with new menu options, cooking alternatives and dining experiences conducive to my new lifestyle choice.

A Healthier Alternative

After completing a detox in January I have since been monitoring my dietry intake and gauging its effects on my body. As a rule, the few occasions in which I have eaten red meat I have immediately felt lethargic and lacking in vital energy.

I have decided therefore, that leading a vegetarian lifestyle will keep me healthier providing I receive the essential vitamins and iron from other foods. Without meat I tend to have much more strength and vitality and feel all the more healthier for it. I have been off red meat now for two weeks so am off to a good start.

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