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Lauralovespink has written 10 entries about this goal

Wrote this on thursday the 2nd

AHHHHHH the beach has given me two awesome ideas for my book!!! but they are secrets and im not going to say anyting… but i am happy with what they are though!! i cant wait to get home and type it up!

Wrote this on Sunday 27th

As i am going to venus bay… in my bag under all the crap that i have packed… i have a book that i am going to write down any ideas that come to mind while i am there

wrote this on wednesday the 23rd

some to report…. havent really had time to go onto the computer of late and so havent been able to revise my story…. hopefully tonight!

wrote this on Monday the 21st

hmmmmm….. i wrote a little bit more last night…. but im not sure i like how it is going,.. im going to read over it a but more and decide wether i like it or not….

wrote this on Wednesday the 17th

i spoke to my uncle today… he has just written a book and he has sent it off to a publisher… so i hope he gets it published…
i want to be like my uncle.. he is so nice and everyone around him likes him and he is soooooooo good at writting!!
But back to my book… im still concerntrating on structuring it… once ive written a bit ore then i think i i will show it to my uncle… but only whenm ive written more

wrote this on Sunday the 14th

well…. instead oif writing ive been thinking up ideas for my book…. the prolog is good… well i think it is lol and i just want to structure my story a little better… so i think i will think up some more ideas for characters before i write anymore

Wrote this on monday 8th on paper

aaarrrrr mums yelling at me to go …. ummmmm havent written anymore on my book g2g

Wrote this on Sunday 7th on paper

i havent been able to write anymore of my book…. sadly…
ive been really busy.. and i want to write more but yeh…ill try more next week

Wrote this on Sunday 31st on paper

I didnt get to write any more of my book this week… i ran out of time.. im dissapointed about it because i really like the way its started.. but i am going to try to got some more of it written this week!

Wrote this on Wednesday the 27th on paper

i wrote the prolog of my book today YAYYYYYYYY
i am really happy with it.. thinking over it there are a few things that i want to change but its a start…
ive decided that im going to keep what it is about to myslef… as i am really happy with the idea and i dont want anyone to copy..
as i am sure that they will because there are anumbver of people around me at the moment that seem to just coincedently come up with the exacly the same ideas as me…. hmmmm….
anyways ive started yayayayayayayay

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