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Neena and Veena

We were at the library Friday and I rented the Neena and Veena Basic Belly Dance vhs that was there. I tried it last night and it is fabulous!

I also rented a book on belly dancing which has color photographs. I love how the dancers are all sizes – one is even very pregnant.

I still would love to have lessons, but I know that is way way on the back burner, so I’ll be happy with instructionals from gleaned sources and bugging Tommy to tell me if what I’m doing looks right.


I had originally given up… as all the sites I looked at insisted you NEED a teacher.

Seeing as how that isn’t feasible any time soon… I gave up.

But then it dawned on me last night – youtube!

So off I trotted this morning, and sure enough there are instructional videos on the site. Muahahaha. Now I CAN learn! All I need is to be shown, and I’m sure my husband would be more than happy to spot check my dancing.


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