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do the 14-day induction Dr. Atkins Diet


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LaurenNicole has written 2 entries about this goal

Day 2 Yuck

Okay, I’ve eaten tuna until I think it’s gonna come out of my nose. I think I may have over done it yesterday on carbs like, I may have had 30 instead of 20 but, thats pretty impressive to me. It’s weird tho, b/c as soon as I was done eating, I was hungry again. I think it’s all in my head. Today, for lunch I’m gonna go to Golden Corral and get some things to go. I’m thinking grilled chicken breast and spinach. Maybe even a salad b/c on this diet you can have whole ranch dressing, not that fat free junk. So I think today will be better than yesterday. Day 1 down 13 to go!!

Day 1 of 14

I am tired of being such a fat ass. Low self asteem sux. I have been thin before (110 lbs) and I felt great. I had energy and a high that only good self asteem can give you. I loved myself. Somehow, the fat just creeped up on me and I am now a whopping 165!!! No more!! For breakfast this morning I had tuna salad and a diet soda. Now I know in induction you are not supposed to have diet soda, but I’ve done some research and found that only some people have negative results. If that happens I guess I will have to stop drinking it, but the thought of drinking water with every meal makes me sick a little. The beginning is always the hardest part, but I believe in myself. I can do this!!!!!!! After I finish this phase (14 days) I can decide whether to stay on this diet or not. I want to lose atleast 6 lbs in 2 weeks, which I think is reasonable. If I actually do complete this challenge I can finally cross something off of my 43 things list. So in conclusion to my long ass entry Day 1 of 14, I can do this!!!!


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