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Loving my new job!

I didn’t know I had my dream job until I started doing it. I’m working in the financial industry. A lot of people told me that I’d hate this kind of job, but ever since I started it I have really grown to love it. I do coding work that is more interesting than I would get to do in other jobs, challenging work that never bores me, and although the hours are hell right now, I find it hard to go home sometimes. Furthermore I am surrounded by people who are way smarter than I am, and instead of being intimidated I am inspired.
The key to finding your dream job is to try doing a lot of things and listening to yourself. Open yourself up to a lot of possibilities. Write about them in a journal. Read life stories, or better talk to people, in the field that interests you the most. Apply for every interview they’ll take you on. Don’t jump at your first opportunity, be choosy. Never settle.
Network, because many times other people know better than you would if you’d enjoy one job or another and will act unwittingly in karmic ways in your behalf. However, nepotism is only a path to disaster, so don’t depend on their influence to get you a dream job. Besides, it’s good karma anyway to make friends. At least, making enemies never got anyone hired.
Finally, be responsible once you get the dream job. Prove to everyone that you deserve it. Work harder than even your desire allows. You won’t even feel it, and when you get your first raise, you’ll think you have the devil by the balls for all the luck you feel heading your way.


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