Ali Ritz in Houston is doing 20 things including…

write a book

2 cheers


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Ali Ritz has written 14 entries about this goal

what was the easy way

i have been totally re thinking this goal.
you agree, yes?

just, why bother?
lets just keep it fun.
not so much stress.

chapter 19.

must be about this.
i am so happy in life.
becuase of her.
maybe this will be the ending of my book..?

god this is the greatest. she is the greatest.

as of mid-october...

this part of your life would begin a new chapter to your life.

have funn.


i want to be happy.

and i would like for my book to end happily.

and since i want to write a memoir, theres no way it can be completed just yet.

so yeah.. theres that.

sounds easy enough...

i memoir. thats what i want to write.

i'm determined for one reason or another.

i’m starting to et really serious about this goal lately.

especially now that i have my own laptop.

starting veryy soon i am going to actuallllly being.

and i’m so serious.

its going to happen.

hopefully i will have at least 1/2 finished by christmas break…

we’ll see.

new thought

why write a book when i can just put everything i ever wanted to say on here?

kill a bunch of trees or just spend hours typing under different goals?

hmm.. thats a tough one.

but yeahh.

clean clea clean.

i organized all my shelfs.
all my books.

everything that would be included in my book.
thats going pretty well.
its a start.

ha though i have been saying that for years now.


-dont you feed me your lines about some idealistic future.

by the way…

most comments will be ‘reffered to’...

but i am not going to do nothing stupid, ya know. but a lot of yall have really helped me with your feedback and what not.

so thank you

^thats just another great “plan” i have for my book.
may not go as said.
we’ll just have to wait now wont we.


i fear.

i plan on taking all the things i have ever written down on every notebook, everything i have typed on any website
and put it all together.

so if you read my stuff, there is no reason for you to ever purchase my book.
save your money.

but that is what i am going to do.
no it wont make sense, but i dont care.

its my book.
and you dont have to read it if you dont agree.

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