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Ali Ritz in Houston is doing 20 things including…

Take the next step.

5 cheers


Ali Ritz has written 11 entries about this goal

dont opt out.

she wasnt working.

i have a feeling she like went away for school or something.
so basically, there went my chance.

but not totally giving up hope and stuff.

this doesnt mean im going to go mope and stuff. im still living life.

ha. really? not even one day.

the highlight of my life right now?

in the past week a total of 5 girls have turned me down.
the one that literally just happened was the worst.
but she was the most upfront about it.

im not letting this bring me down.

time to focus on bigger and better things.

life was going great. but now its time for me to make a decision. i really dont know what to do. and this is really bringing me down..

the past couple days have been awesome. i met this girl at my current job, and we started actually talking basically because i told her my interest for her.
then i made the best of friend at my current job who seriously is all around amazing.ha

well i got a call this morning from my previous job.. it was a job offer. they need someone and want me to come back.
i really dont know what to do. my current job is an easy job, but its drama and stressful because of the only other 2 employees.
if i take the job offer though, then i wont be able to see danielle anymore becuase it on the other side of town, which she does not go to.
i am sure me and allison will still see each other and hang out.. but i just started things with danielle..
so like seriously.. what do i do? they need an answer. and so do i.

barista vs. party coordinator/manager

this is terrible. i am starting to feel depressed because of this decision.
i dont want to end up getting stuck at either places though..

what do i dooo?

i just really dont know.
life is nothing but problems that youre forced to deal with properly.

and on the side note.. i really would like if danielle would be more assertive.
that might be able to make this a little easier..
but! if she was serious about ‘talking’ to me, than me going to another job wouldnt
keep us apart… ya know.

god. girls are so difficult.

still dont know…

wouldnt it be nice?

this may sound like a step in the wrong direction. but for me, its a step in the right direction.

1. he text me. basically saying come over and hang out. i was with john. and didnt make a point to hurry. i said i would text him when i left work.
and i didnt. and thats good.
as many time as he has left me hanging, or not responded.
and we allll know what would have happened if i would have gone over there. and that definitely doesnt need to be happening now, or any time soon. with anyone.
so i am proud about that.
seeing him twice a week at school is enough.
thank goodness for the different time schedule otherwise i would see him everyday.. and that would eventually have torn me down i am sure. but i am no longer at that level anymore.

2. she texted me as well. had plans to hang out one night. but she bailed out of course. had plans to hang out again. and it was for sure going to happen. i was even on my way to go pick her up.
then he asked if her roommate can come.
then i thought ‘well she does have a girlfriend, so either shes bringing her roommate along to try to hook me up with her, or just for it to be plain awkward so nothing fun would happen.”
and then i realized, i am always the person that goes out on a limb to hang out with these dumb people. so i turned off my phone, turned around, and went home.
then i texted her back explaining my phone died. its not like i remembered where she lived anyways. so whateverrrrr on that.

haha dont you love how convenient texting makes everything?
yeah, well i hate it. it makes people able to be too low key about everything.
maybe its just the people i associate myself with.
not anymore obviously.
i am finally taking a stand for myself.

ive realized that this is a big step for me. it really is.
i am not going to be taken advantage of anymore.
i dont want to be that person.
i am leslie, goddammit.

fuck you Strohm. i hate your business.


what am i doing wrongg?
i hate accounting. i am just stuck and dont get it!
what do i do?
i am just upsetting myself.
but i am getting very impatient.

how do i some how intertwine 3 people ? hahah

would be it be a totall bad move if i take one girl that i really like to the club that a previous girl i liked works there…
but i really am going there to see that ‘old’ girl…

and then to spend time with the ‘new ’ girl after..


i know thats a totallllly bad idea… and i probably wont go through with it..

but thats what i was thinking of all last night practically…

see what happens when i run into ‘old’ friends…
crazyy ideas mann..

i did it..

just a small step.
but it makes a big difference to me.

but i was the one that made it


i wasnt worried about what i was going to get back, or if it would have even been acknowledged.

but so far so good. [:

so i am happy i did it. i am also very proud of myself.
now i gotta move onto the BIG steps…

ohh yay!

thats all for now..

i took my step.
as did she.

so we met in the middle.

ok.. new topic kind of... but still dealing with 'some' of the same people

ok so going ‘clubbin’ tomorrow…
to say the least.. i have been to clubs at least 56 times… but every time i go i really dont enjoy myself.
i never dance. i never just let loose.

but its really important that i do dance and loosen up tomorrow cause i need, well would like to, impress and hopefully win someone over…

no matter how many times i try i just cant seem to let myself have fun at a club.. dance wise and stuff…

what could i possibly do?

shes a dork…. thats why i am fallin…

this totally last nights entry..

but i guess i will just end up bailing out for tomorrow, and just stop/end it.

what the point if she already has someone.
just go with them. what do you need me for?

yeahh sorry girl.
no bueno.

[unless.. brittany is just saying that shit to fuck me over so that girl can actually be with her.. but it still just doesnt add up..]

this is already just waste a time and nothing has even happened yet but a few ‘heys’.

so stop it before it begins.

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