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go for regular reflective walks

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Need to wa to sleep better

Not been sleeping wel- go to bed late and am jolted of bed early – find am not eally rested- think having exercise in the week is going to help ke sleep better- it seems that as we grow older sleep is going to get harder- must have a routine that will encourage it…also good for weight control- do 1 hr every other day for a start…

Did one today... And it feels good

Must do it at nite… Walk from dad place to my on so that I get the reflective time- will schedule one for one a month for now…here’s to me!

Another activity that has fallen by the wayside

Used to do this – not everyday – but at least 3 times a week. Stopped cos it takes so long… will i be able to set aside the time now…?
Hmmm lemme see…

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