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I keep buying more books! Must stop!

Also, I have decided to try and sell my unwanted books – the ones I read and thought were a bit pants, or just couldn’t get into – online. That way, I am leaving my bookshelf uncluttered and only showing off the cream of the crop and the ones that I actually WANT to read, rather than the ones I feel I should.


Every time I’m in a bookshop, I get this overwhelming urge to pick up the first book I see, snuggle into a corner and rip thru the whole thing until I’ve read every book in the shop. All those uncreased pages! All that escapism! All those potential new lands, and that new knowledge! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

I have to be very firm with myself and make myself go home and attempt the same at my own bookcase. I have enough books after all! Somehow it’s never the same, and when I get home there are too many distractions – the tv, my boyfriend, the housework etc.

Maybe I need to decorate my house just like Waterstones, and the urge to devour books might come back?


I have over 200 books on my shelves at home. I love it! If I could, I’d LIVE in a book shop…one of those really warm and cosy ones with big squashy sofas and a coffee shop upstairs, where the staff don’t bug you with innane “Are you alright there?”’s and “Can I help?”’s (No! I’ll ASK if I need a hand…).

Thing is, with work and housework and friends and boyfriend and tv (there is some awesome stuff recorded on my box that I need to get round to watching!) and LIFE…I just don’t always have the time, or the concentration span, for reading regularly. And I have a tendancy to buy faster than I read :/

Must must MUST set aside AT LEAST half an hour every day…or every other day…to READ!

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