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TALK to my boyfriend, don't suffer in silence

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After last fall out, things ok now! Had a biiiiiiiiiiiiiig long chat. Both agreed to listen to each other more, and I admitted it was prob’ mainly hormones that made me exaggerate everything in my head. But he’s agreed to take note of that and we’re working on it :)

Cuddled up on the sofa together last night and told each other that we liked each other again. Sounds lame, but it really helped.

Relationships are always going to take work. They all have their dips and their peaks. Our baby is due this week, so our relationship is about to face the biggest change and the biggest challenge EVER. But if we keep talking and keep LISTENING, I think we’ll be ok :)

Slow progress...

Another fall out. His fault (and I’m not just saying that, it actually was him!). I tried talking to him about it straight away this time. “This is how I feel…can you see how this has happened?” etc.
It was met with the same wall of indifference as always. I took myself out for a walk to chill out (stress hormones not good for baby after all). When I got back, same wall. I tried to talk to him – remember I’M the one who should be in a mood. Nothing. No response, just a shruug and a grunt. So I slept on the sofa and cried myself to sleep. Again. At 39 1/2 weeks pregnant. Even left him a note before I went to bed saying “I love you”.

This morning, he gets up for work, sees note, ignores note, ignores me and leaves without even saying good morning.

Am at a loss. This KEEPS happening. I don’t want to be around him when he does this to me. But if I leave – go to my mums for a few days or something – I’m not so sure I’ll ever want to come back. And that’s not so good when you’re 3 days from your due date :(


I’m a bit of a bottler. I keep it in, and then rant to a friend about it. Consequentally, nothing ever gets talked about and we fall out. Then I feel all martyred and upset. It’s silly really.

SO, plan is to talk more. And relax. Because talking about the little things that are getting to you is meant to be (partly) what a relationship is about/there for.

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