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# 99 being sad

Because it’s the friend that I know better than anything else in my 30 years. I won’t go into a long story about my life in this post, but I will say that I have lost everything that you currently have. I have lost everything you do not realize that you have. I have lost things that I never even had a chance to find or have because they were taken from me by others. I started with everything and had it all taken away before I could count to 100. Then when I was old enough to count to 100 I could count 100 nights of fear.

*(And this is not about what I have “gained” in this process of life)

These are things I cannot change now. These are things I could not change then. These are things I would do anything to have occurred differently. I am who I am right now because of the sum results of those that bore me and raised me and my choices after the age of reason.

So, being sad (at times) is one of my best friends because I know this well and it visits me like a comforter here and there and evermore.

98. Health, Wealth, Stealth

That’s all. I want to be healthy, I want to be wealthy and I want my experience in life to have shaped me into a stealthy person. I have worked hard enough for long enough.

# 97, being adamant about focusing on the good aspects to life

I have been through the ringer in life. I will not even touch on the reasons. What I will touch on is the fact that a friend (on facebook) wants more preachers to preach about negative topics like rape etc etc. And, after a lengthy comment after comment from others supporting her thought that preachers should discuss these terrible topics in more detail my response was this;

“lets preach happiness. Because for 99% of America its harder for them to achieve happiness than it is for them to receive a message about negativity. They are negatively programmed and need to be reprogrammed. We must become the change we wish to see. Raising awareness about a devastating topic only achieves one thing and thats getting people focused on negativity. You cannot fight fire with fire. You must fight fire with water. Love is contagious. Negativity is common and preaching about it only confirms to the average american that life sucks so wait for the afterlife. NO, LIVE LIKE YOU MEAN IT…and effectively little by little the world changes and things like the topic you want preached disappear just like racism is disappearing, because we focus on togetherness and not differences. And so, we MUST focus on good and not bad in order for good to be reached as an overall arching commonality in us all.”
-Derrick Means

# 96 a big commission day at work

Basically I like when my actions do the talking in a business setting. I am an honest and tremendously hard-working man who maximizes his time on the floor at a company. I appreciate seeing my efforts pay off.
Thank you to fair paying companies for great sales numbers. It makes my paycheck happy, my customers happy and my bosses happy.

# 95 Getting older

I actually love getting older for several reasons;

1. I know so many great things about life.
2. I have had a chance to see so many wonderful sites, cities and monuments.
3. I understand people better as I get older.
4. I have made many mistakes that I have seen myself grow through and correct to shape my character.
5. I know what I tolerate and I know what I don’t and I do not compromise on that.
6. I gain steam with each year becoming who I was born to be forever.
7. I’m not old, just older :)
8. There is so much gas left in my tank that it is inspiring and exciting to wonder at what the next 30 years has in store for me.
9. Watch this 5 min video (it prompted me to like my age and to know that I am far from done yet)

#94 Going to Church

It feels right, it feels like I am aligning my life with a purpose that I will be shown. It’s like this quote I read at the Museum, “It is only with the heart that we see rightly, for what is essential is invisible to the eye”

# 93 My morning poop :D

Yes, It makes me happy. I start my day lighter, fresher and ready to go after I “drop off a few things” and then shower :) my day commences in epic proportions (no pun intended)

# 92 these TV shows; and there are few that have captivated me like these

Prison Break (currently this one has consumed me. I have watched three seasons online in a matter of weeks and am on the final season)

Here are some other ones that didn’t “captivate me” but captured my attention

Family guy
Ninja warrior (funny Japanese obstacle course show)
Myth Busters
Anything on Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, History Channel,
America’s Got Talent
Arrested Development
Chappelle’s Show

Those are the only shows I have ever watched a lot of in my Life (aside from things I watched as a kid like Married with Children and America’s Funniest Home Videos)

#91 Paying bills on time

The most sure path to financial freedom is to keep your bills low by staying on top of your usage in things like electricity, gas, grocery consumption, etc.

Nothing feels better than to meet your needs with products and services and to be able to pay those bills on time.

Not paying your bills from services and things you need like phone, transportation and living costs keeps one constantly living in fear. Fear that you will get evicted, fear that you will have your car repossessed, fear that you are not truly a man expanding his abilities and reaching your potential.

Nobody should have to live in fear. So you learn to live beneath your means when your financial picture is not strong, and when you have steady income you budget, plan, adjust, minimize, and pay things on time. Period

# 90 Taking out the trash

I like an empty trash can, it feels like I have “emptied my recycle bin” and can choose what I “get rid of” going forward.

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