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Enjoy life

Everyone has dark days. I look back and find almost every year there is a six week period where I am out of action for one thing and another and my dear husband has to take on the reins of the household. Does a sterling job.

Doing it!

Sometimes there are not enough days in the week to do cram it all in.

Instant happiness.

Two weeks exploring the highlands and wild north and west coasts of Scotland. Great fun. Wide, empty beaches accessible by slithering down steep sandy cliffs. Cool clear sea water to splash through when you get there. Brilliant sunshine every day. Being so far north, doesn’t get dark till about 2 a.m.

One day we found a small church having a ‘tea & coffee’ day. coffee and a huge slice of cake for £2.50. Magic.

Life is so good when the highs outnumber the lows.

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Across the Universe

Talking with friends across the world via forums, 43 things, networking sites, email chat, skype. Can still live life to the fullest without leaving comfort of own home on coldest nights.


Enjoy going for a walk or drive with other half. Finish with a stop at coffee shop for a latte and a chat.

Coffee times

I love that I can go out for coffee and sit with a book or magazine or just chat about future plans together with my husband.

Books tend to be something of Gordon Ramsey’s life or Clarissa Dickson – one’s I can read and put down without being caught up in the action. Novels tend to have that effect on me – I get so lost in fiction that I sometimes forget ordinary life and the things I should be doing like make the dinner or look up occasionally to see what anyone else is doing?

Some of the plans may be pie in the sky but so what? Other impossible at the time plans have surprisingly come true. Like wanting another VW campervan a year ago and now we have him. Like wishing I had a house instead of flat and within three years of that, we did.

Our wish now, is our own campervan rental business – here’s hoping, and who knows what is in the future.

Royal Yacht Britannia

Over at Leith the other day, to see Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre. Top floor houses the Visitors Centre for the Royal Yacht Britannia. Very interesting hand-held audio tour and well worth the £10 entry fee. Would certainly go again. Next time we will go a little earlier and have our afternoon tea on the ship. Maybe buy some Britannia fudge too – made on the ship.

She’s a beautiful ship to view but may have been a little bit boring on long haul voyages even with comfy sofas and bedrooms for the Royal Party. The crew were a little cramped in their small bunks – slightly better than the hammocks they’d had before – but still awfully cramped.

Engine deck was brilliant. All metal parts beautifully polished. Its not unusual to see members of the Preservation Trust polishing and dusting around the ship. Rolls Royce in the deck garage is polished to perfection.

The dining room which can seat 96 in elegant splendour, is used for corporate events so if you smell food cooking as you pass the kitchens, its for real.

Still living it up

See my one line journal entry.

Spending the kids inheritance - Again

Some years ago we spent the kids inheritance by buying a T2 Bay campervan. Many happy days and weekends away.

This weekend we have again spent the kids inheritance by some more, having bought a second T25 Wedge campervan.

We still have the first one, so space in the driveway is limited as far as visiting family is concerned. Och well…

We are a long time deid, so lets enjoy life while we can.

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