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overcome procrastination

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I worked out, cleaned the house, and wrote and designed a cover letter for my resume. I think i’m doing pretty well here!


well, today I did my print production homework, made lunch and dinner, did the dishes, and created an online portfolio. That isn’t so bad! Gotta keep the momentum going..

I did what I was supposed to, yesterday and today

I will make a to-do list for tomorrow. I will update it at the end of the day and report what actually got done.
up by 8:30
do some stretching exercises for my knee
by 9:15 make breakfast.
watch Oprah until 10 (yeah I know real important)
finish my Print Production assignment by noon
make lunch
at 1:00 research jobs and send some resumes
at 2:00 complete an illustration for my class assignment, work straight until 4:00
make dinner
then post an item or two on Ebay
research Ebay businesses
call my lawyer at some point.
ALRIGHT! I’ll do it!

Right now.

I am procrastinating cleaning the kitchen, making dinner, reading my assignments and completing them.
I am procrastinating..
starting an ebay business (i’ve had this dream for 6 months now. It’s supposed to be easy) and creating an online portfolio for my graphic design work. All this crap is standing in the way of my success.
OK I am going to read the chapters NOW. then I will go on the internet and look at something I want to research but I will wait. That will be my reward. Then I will clean the kitchen and make dinner. My reward will be watching american idol. then I must finish my assignment.
ready…. go!

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