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Finish my PhD

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It was torture...but it's over.

It took many years and there were countless obstacles along the way, but now it’s over. I graduated a few months ago. Each PhD experience is different, unfortunately mine was quite a bad one, but I finished and have it now. Yea!

If you are thinking about doing a PhD, be very careful in choosing your supervisor, department, university and examiners. Make sure they are the best and the most appropriate for your specific project. A bad (or indifferent) supervisor makes an already difficult process much, much worse. Personality of examiners/committee is also absolutely vital. Good luck!

Viva in 2 weeks!

I submitted at the end of October. After avoiding all thoughts of my thesis for months… viva is suddenly in 2 weeks! Yikes!

BUT exactly 2 weeks from this moment my viva will be over. Yay!

Submitted last week!

I can’t believe it, but it’s true!

The end was insane and I am physically and mentally exhausted. But it’s done.

Now I have to wait for the viva!


less than two weeks before submission deadline. My left eyelid is twitching uncontrollably. It’s been like this for a week now!!!!!!!

not done, but getting better

Haven’t written an entry about this in a while. Am out of the deep dark hole I was previously in (for a looooong time!), but still not finished. I had a really hard time accepting that I needed another year.

But the good news is, I am making progress! Gave my supervisor two chapters last week and I can definitely say my writing is improving. I am getting much better at writing integrated chapters and understanding where everything fits into the overall thesis. Not done yet though!

Plodding on….

in hell....wicked wicked hell

Please please please let this torture end …...SOON!


Just joined the site and am so thankful for the cheer from Agse is now Agma!! My first cheer! Finding all this very inspiring and helpful to think about all the other things I want to do BESIDES this horrid PhD.

I like the idea of spending days alone. May have to unplug the internet connection for at least a little while…..

get it over with

Vesper212 I totally understand you! I feel exactly the same way. Soooo many wasted years, all the while realizing I hate academia. Grrr….

Am procrastinating as I write!!! Just get over with!!

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