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in conjunction with an artists book

I have no familiar background with designing a layout, entry format.. I’ll read graphic design books to help with that. I’m thinking a fun break-though project will be to focus on my ‘art book project’ and post my findings (within a week and a half period) on a familiar site, but separate to this. From what I understood in my design course this semester, it’s not required to have an actual physical book, a book could be practically anything so long as it denotes the theme of time.. even a stack of stones! The doors are wide open, I’m taking more of a conventional route, but posting online seems natural for this day and age

It will be about anything everything(to an extent)!

Now I just need to find a domain? I think, there must be so many to choose from, and I need a catchy name, that’s a must. 43things is somewhat like a blog, but I want more short journal-like entries that might appeal to other’s, offering from a range of a kind of eclectic mix of random insight/ daily observations and fun facts to advice on products, fashion/styling-on a dime along with trend forecasting and a watchout for design/color inspirations and all that’s lovely. Okay so it’s still shimmery on the surface of superficial and no so profound but a little diversion at best. I also want to include yummy food encounters, like this puglaese flat bread, hello college students good bye to ramen hello flat bread~ and you know what makes good food even better~ saying” mm yum :||” a couple time before sinking your teeth in the next bite. Goals first!


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