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Make sure my children know how much I love them

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How To Love Children

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Lots of ongoing dialogue

With my youngest son… about things that really matter~

My son and I work opposite hours

Today I texted the youngest to have a good afternoon…. and that I love him. The other day he was telling me that when at work, he’s on his feet the whole time and it’s tiring. So I thought a a break in that activity might be welcome…

My oldest son

has returned to our home… he’s different after being gone for over a year- open, willing and doing things differently~

My oldest son

Called me this evening in a noticeably happy mood. The last time A & I got together for weekly prayers, I asked for his well-being along with his being tuned into Divine guidance and acting on it. A few days later, I began spending concentrated time seeing him wake up, living his best life- whatever that may be for him.

He said his Dad invited him over and discussed a business partnership, he told me they had a talk and exchange unlike any other they’ve ever had and he was excited, hopeful and felt a bond.

I told him that I was happy that he was pleased, that I love him and I’m glad he called to share his good news with me!

While I was ironing

My son approached me and started talking. He’s thinking about what he wants to do next. He has a few ideas and plans that will keep him moving forward. I am grateful that he is candid and open to sharing with me. I’m glad that he has so much insight~


We had an Open House for my son. We shopped and prepared the whole weekend and he helped ;) He thanked me several times for having the party for him. We had a great time with friends and family!

My oldest son

Came by to visit this morning, before going to work. I enjoyed those few minutes as we sat and chatted. When I lokk at him and see a grown man, I don’t how time passed so quickly!

He still gives me a hug and kiss at the door. All we need is love ;)


I had a talk with my daughter about expecting actions from others that she would not be willing to commit to herself.

Let’s be reasonable ;)

More talk

Today we discussed college (again) and funding his one of choice. I wanted him to know that he should hold on to his dream and realize that sometimes we have to make a pitstop before crossing the finish line. His pitstop may be a community college, just to start~

Another conversation...

We spoke in the car today. I talked about how it was never in my plan for my marriage to end. She feels slighted. She may never understand. I grew up in a household that was less than perfect. In fact, the older I got, the worse it became. Listening to arguments, bad mouthing, witnessing blatant disrespect and worse… no way was I going to model that for my kids. That relationship is history. I believe the more we share, the more accepting and at ease she’ll become~

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