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Adopt a Puppy from McDoodles

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About two months ago I decided to foster a puppy, you know to seeif I was REALLY wanting a dog or if it was just some pipe dream that would go up in smoke as soon as reality took hold. WELL, I fostered JoJo, who I adopted and named, WILEY!!!! He’s not my Christopher. I think the plan is to get a Christopher when Wiley is old, you know to let the puppy bring him happieness! lol
Then a Brandon… ;)


I want a white SNOW WHITE or a light red names Christopher Lee Wiley!

Changing the goal.

This goal was originally Adopt a Standard Poodle – but I want a Goldendoodle F1B – so there is that…

The search for a name ends:

Boy – Wiley
Girl – Brennen

I adore:

Shivas Gilatoro


Captain! or Sargent! Love those.

Always changing my mind.

Leland. Finn. Brennan.

Okay - narrowed down.

We both used to watch Star Trek when we were little and we are watching it on Netflix now, so… William Thomas Riker was a huge YES for us both. Short – we’d call him Ryker. Then I told the wife that I wanted to call him Brit – that was the last name of the woman who married us. I was thinking – and then the wife cut me off.”We could name him Britain and call him Brit for short.” I smiled, “That is JUST what I was thinking!”
Sooo…. I guess when we get the pup we will see if he is a Ryker or a Brit!

No Gumbo.

Went to meet him today. He is isn’t the pup for us. One – he is not FOR SURE full blooded poodle and that is important because of the allergies of my boo-boo. Two – he is VERY small, couldn’t run with me. Three – he was overly skittish. With 5 cats and 3 chickens a little timid is okay, but wigged out will not work. Looks like is am waiting for Ryker. :)

It's so stupid.

I know.
I going down there to my shelter to take a peek and meet Gumbo. I can’t afford to adopt a dog. I wish it was my birthday, then I could put the squeeze on my wife. :(

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