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Work out 3+ times a week for the year.

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February 2012 - the new plan.

As I stated, I am rearranging how I do this. The only SET workouts are runs, other than that I left it up to me what will happen for each session!

January summary.

I really have to get on this shit. Not the working out, got that. I need to get on my blog and on my 43Thing account. I hate it being so damn quiet. It’s so easy to vlog, I always have the camera out. Writing is another story, I love to do it, but I have to stop everything and do IT.
So here is my January wrap up – a week late, I killed this month. I did learn a few things and I have changed my tactic. I have decided which days I will work out, but have not decided what I will do. Leaves it a bit more flexible and I learned that I needed that in January!

January 1-17 2012

I have been doing quite well. Adjusting workouts, yet still getting the set amount done. It’s been rough as I have been feeling kinda crappy and couldn’t figure out what was up until I had an erathema bump show up on my shin in the first week of January. I have had several which never really erupt the way they used to but nag enough to drain me and make me feel like BLARGH. Anywho, I’m doing really well with things and I hope to do even better as I have another half times how this weekend and the half marathon on March fourth!

2012 Work out personal challenge:

In May of 2010, actually it was June, I decided to challenge myself to work out 30 minutes three times for a week. I did it. At the end of that week I decided to do it for a month (meaning, at the time, four weeks.) When the end of the four weeks came it was only like a week and a half away from the end of July and I thought, “I should do this monthly and why not start by finishing July?” That was the first shadow of what would shape the rest of that year and my life. I LOVE my workouts, seriously. I think of them, plan them, look forward to them, like to share some, like to keep some for myself – my workouts have become what fast food was to me. Only I am PROUD of them, I sing and dance and talk to everyone and anyone who will listen. I adore this me. (When I was hooked on fast food I was lonely, unhealthy, sad, sick and so ashamed.)
For a year and a half I gave myself the little goals of month to month workouts, this year I am starting a new system. I am planing monthly and then sticking to that plan. I have 19 workout PLANNED for January, there may be more – there will not be less! I figure I will update weekly – instead of each work out. Some were getting skipped (clearly as I didn’t post for TWO WEEKS!) and I don’t want to lose them!

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