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Learn Constellations

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How To Locate Constellations

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Sleepy head, go to bed!

It’s summer, and the right weather for cozy star-gazing…

Sleepy head, go to bed!

It’s summer, and the right weather for cozy star-gazing…


...reporting on “retrograde” movements: a good friend of mine told me how to spot the 5 planets visible to the naked eye in the night sky. I saw three recently (Mars, Venus, and Jupiter), and have seen Saturn previously (oddly underwhelming through a telescope—looked like one of those glow-in-the-dark things I had on my walls when I was younger).

The Swan

Someone by a bonfire showed me the four stars (”...and there’s one we can’t see right now…”) making up the Swan. The only other one I could spot was Orion. I think I saw Scorpio—?


I got a fold-out glow in the dark star map, to complement my book of constellations. Now I need to hang out outside on clear nights (the full moon is waning now, so I have a bit of time to prepare). I guess hobbyist astronomy is the upside to shorter days and longer nights.

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