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I'll will be volunteering

as stage crew for the 3 Penny Circus show at the aerialist studio in town. The “payment” is admission to two open gym nights for free!

These are all good things.

Friday is my birthday

and it feels like a chore to make plans. Is having fun a hassle for other people, or just me?

Logistics and scheming

It doesn’t seem like the Black Mesa trip will work—I’m willing to miss some work and a calculus class, but I’m not willing to miss more than that. With the caravan meet-up dates and our travel time (i.e. 30 hours non-stop astronaut-in-diapers style), this just wouldn’t fly. Being in a car HURTS my body—I wind up getting really bad migraines—and I’m overwhelmed just thinking about the stress of cramming so much activity in without a chance to catch-up before returning to regular life. So. Disappointing.

I really LONG for this sort of trip, for the chance to get down to something that touches on the most fundamental realities of being human, being alive, and living with our histories. But I’m going to need to scheme more to bring this one to fruition, and I know my cut-off.

Black Mesa: scheming

A very good friend of mine—the young woman I went out the rez with previously—was in town this weekend. We got together and caught up, and I brought up my idea to go back to the reservation for the on-land support caravan. Her face lit up, and we brain stormed about other people who’ve gone before who may want to come along.


I'm scheming...

I’m considering a short trip back to the Dine/Navajo reservation during the yearly volunteer caravan. I’d miss a calculus class and some work, but I could swing it if I really wanted to.


Play date!

I decided I wanted to run around outside and have fun before the weather turned abominable. So I set up an event using FB and invited all of the people I know in town to play soccer, tag, capture the flag, etc, at a park on Saturday. It’s only been up a few hours, but I already have enough responses to know that I won’t show up to play tag by myself!


Next weekend: Flight of the Navigator playing at a nearby theater and a visit from J.
The following weekend: A break from exams! More time with J—hiking in Hocking Hills, exploring Old Man’s Cave, and kayaking outside of Columbus. Maybe a visit to Yellow Springs?

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