LittleToe in Kópavogur is doing 12 things including…

dye my hair red.


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LittleToe has written 7 entries about this goal


I did it… again.

I just could not sleep the night before… and then i though that maybe i should dye my hair red. So the next day i went and bought the dye.

Its very rich red color and i do like it, but im already starting to worry about my roots…. and christmas.

I guess i just dye the roots before christmas…..


i dyed my hair brown few days ago…. and now i kinda want it dark reddish…... but i have to wait for another 3 weeks for that. too much hair dyeing going on…

i got my hair re-dyed

after my first experiment with light red color i did at home my hair turned pink… wich was still kinda cute.

I got it re-dyed the other day, and now its kinda dark copper color. It looks great!! and this dark really does look good on me, wow!


one day i like my dark reddish hair and the next i kinda dont….. ohh i guess im just not used to it.

I just got my monthly cosmetic product over the mail, i had been waiting for two months after my red lipstick…... but red lipstick doesnt work with red hair…..



i finally did it yesterday. I bought the red dye 7 weeks ago, and i was home alone, had nothing to do…. so i colored my hair! I was very happy with it. It was light red, not too dark or too red so i was happy.

I went outside and showed it off, got a few compliments… all good!

Then in the evening my friend told me it was not good enough in the back. Being my first time i dye my hair by myself i panicket!!! so i bought another dye this afternoon and my friends dyed my hair once again.

Now its really dark red…. i think its too dark because my real hair color is pretty blond so… its not gonna look good in 3-4 weeks…

Im also afraid of what my hairstylist will say with all this….

but overall its kinda cute and it doesnt make my face look at red as i thought it would be. Also its pretty different from what everyone else is doing with their hair. In the future i would like red but maybe no this dark.


i bought the dye today but…. now im not sure if i should do this right now. maybe i should wait for a few months…..


i just added this goal because this is something i really wanna do right now….... what kind of red should i get???

on the pic im wearing brown contact lenses but my real eye color is blue


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