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I forgot about this website ages ago but it was a goal for years. I think I finally felt so fed up in August 2010 that I went for it and lost 25kg by going on a low carb diet. I feel the best I have felt in my life. If you need to do it, put the work in and you won’t regret it.

Back on another diet...

I’m on day 8 and haven’t cheated. Roll on day 9!


I’m on day 13 of my diet and finally someone (that isn’t my mother!) has noticed that I’ve lost weight! The women at work said I’ve lost loads, that my face is thinner and another said my top half is getting smaller. Shame about the fat ass! :D


Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, day 9 of my diet and I feel great!

I haven’t had a weigh in yet because it’s my time of the month and I always put on weight so I might wait until next week, but I’m kind of nervous because I think I’m doing really well and a weigh in might show that I’m not!
I’m already fitting in to clothes I haven’t worn for for 18 months!
Last week was really hard but with each day of this diet it gets a little easier to cope without the junk.
I went to some festival thing last night and there were stalls with free curry and a whole stall of free chocolate. I love curry and goddamn I love chocolate, but I only whimpered a little. :D

Good luck everyone!


Day 8 of my diet and I haven’t cheated


I’m on day 5 of my diet that I started with two colleagues. We came back today after the weekend and I was the only who hadn’t cheated! High five to me!


I’m on a ketogenic diet. I’m on day 3. Apparently I’ll go in to ketosis today or tomorrow! This is the most positive and focused I’ve been on losing weight in a long time! I’m already feeling quite good. My skin is looking way better and I’m not getting my usual headaches, I think because I’m drinking more water.


I went out last night on the piss. On my way home I ate a bar of chocolate. Then, when I got in I had a HUGE meal and an apple.
No, that apple was not redeeming. I actually ate it because it was there, not for nutritional value.
Then I woke up and had a can of coke. Who drinks coke for breakfast?!!
What the hell is wrong with me? I was doing so well. It’s as if I have some kind of self destruct mechanism that kicks in when things are going well!


I’ve gone down one dress size since I added this to my goals! Woo!
I’m still a fatty though, but a happier fatty.


I gave up on weight watchers a while ago and I’ve avoided weighing myself since. I had a doctors appointment yesterday I had to be weighed. I’ve lost a whole stone (14 lbs) since I left Weight Watchers without even trying!
I’ve still got a way to go but I’m half way there! Woo!

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