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Regan in Rockford is doing 25 things including…

write down random/interesting/fun/kooky/wondrous things that occur in my life

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I think that since I now have a blog,, that this goal is now accomplished. I use the blog to write down all these types of things that occur in my life complete with pictures!

The May Dip

This morning at dawn, around 5:30 AM, I ran into the rocky North Sea in a bathing suit. It was probably around 40 degrees and it was raining on and off, including the time directly before, during, and after the actual dipping itself.

Now, dear reader, you might ask, “Why the bloody hell would someone willingly throw themselves into the North Sea at dawn?

The reason: tradition.

The May Dip is a St Andrews tradition where all students are invited to hang out on Castle Sands, watch twirling fire poi, stay warm near the bonfires, and sacrifice oneself to the Gods of the freezing cold water.

Personally, I think it’s wonderful that it occurs on Beltaine, so essentially it’s a Beltaine festival (with fire, and the dawn, and the water, and the sand, and wind, are you catching my drift?)

It was lovely, invigorating, and numbing.

Drunken Scottish Lads

I’m at Uni in Scotland at the moment, St Andrews to be exact. I went out last night to meet up with the Uni’s Pagan Society to celebrate the full moon. However, as there were only 3 of us and it was unforgivingly cold we decided to say nice things to the moon and then return to our own comfortably warm homes.

That was all just back story, if you have read most of my entries, you’ll notice I like to set the scene.

As I walked back through my hall I spotted my roommate in the Common Room with a group of fellow 1st years. She invites me sit down and join their game of humming a different song and getting points for answering correctly. I knew or had met most of the people in the circle, except for one.

Through playing more childish but fun board games, I formally met the stranger. A Scotsman with an English accent.
He was drinking gin and tonics and had downed 3 by the time we were well into a conversation. I knew he was nearly drunk, but he insisted that he wasn’t.
During our surprisingly intelligent conversation he started to try to touch my face and hands and freckles and hair. He told me I was beautiful and my smile was amazing and my eyes were stunning. I laughed it off knowing he wouldn’t remember most of this the next day.

After some time he tried to get me to come to his room, saying that he had the most wonderful posters and such. I declined reminding him of his inebriated state. He finally said in an exasperated tone of voice, “Do you want me to recite you poetry? I can you know. I’ll recite you Shakespeare.”
I myself having seen this ploy in the film, “The Dead Poets Society” began to recite what I knew he would say.

“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate.”

He cursed and I laughed.

Palm Reading

I went to a Palm Reader this weekend in Evanston. I know how to do divination-Tarot, Runes, etc-but I felt like having someone else do it for me. Then I remembered afterwards that I don’t really like knowing what my destiny is supposed to be. I’d rather be ignorant about what the universe or fate has planned for me and just live my life day to day. She told me some interesting things, some good, some bad, and some that didn’t make a lot of sense.

Only time will tell if she was accurate or not.

P.S. I also thought her fees were a bit inflated…

Drunk Dialing

(Note: This is all background info to the funny thing that happened)

So I went to a movie on Friday night with some people I went to high school. One is an actual close friend, the others I call acquaintances. So, the movie’s over and we’re all saying goodbye and one acquaintance gets a call on her cell about a party in our old high school parking lot. I pretend like I didn’t hear it because I don’t really care that much, say my final goodbyes, and leave.

My house is ridiculously close to the high school, so on my way home I see my friend and acquaintances driving towards the high school. I get home, turn off my cell, and sleep.

The next day when I turn on my cell phone again I have a new voicemail. I check it and lo and behold it is on of my friends who was pretty drunk leaving me a message at 2:30 AM from the high school parking lot. He and I used to both like each other, but it would have never worked out because of cultural, religious, and social differences. Nevertheless, we’re still friendly to each other, but I haven’t seen him since we graduated. So imagine my surprise when I get a drunk dialing message from him telling me that he’s sorry he couldn’t come to my party, and he just got back from visiting his family overseas, and he wanted to wish me well in life, repeatedly using the phrase, “You know how it is,” while also being laughed at by the rest of our classmates in the background.

I was half-expecting a slurred, “I love you” to tumble out, but it never did. Anywho, that was my random funny first ever drunkenly dialed voicemail.

The Egotism of Governments

This isn’t happening to me, but it’s something strange that is happening during my lifetime.

Click here and read all about it.

Strange Dream

This morning, I had a dream that combined aspects of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, Law and Order SVU, and The Incredibles.

One of the strangest and most vivid dreams I’ve ever had.
Strange, but cool how my subconscious could connect all three into a semi-understandable plot line.

Just a funny occurence in my life

Setting: Picking up Indian take out
Characters: Me and the 30some male Indian cashier

Cashier hands back change to me and asks suddenly,
“May I ask what is your job?”
I stutter and say,
“I’m a student…”
Cashier replies,
“Oh, wow. I would have thought that you are a movie star, you
look better than the women in the movies.”
I say,
“Thank you.”
Cashier presses,
“Oh yeah, you know you could go to a hospital and none of the patients would need any medicine, one look at your face and they’d be fine.
I say,

Take food and female patron exits.
End scene.

This is the second time I’ve been hit on at that restaurant.

The Doe

I had just finished a Yoga class at a local woman’s center and I went to their woods to pray to a statue of the Goddess. It was sprinkling a bit, so I was saying a shorter prayer when I heard a noise. It sounded like someone was walking towards me to pray as well, but when I looked up I saw a young deer.
He was curious. I say he, but I don’t know what his true sex is. He ambled towards me, I was sitting on my thighs and my mouth hung open. He was beautiful: lithe, a lovely butterscotch color dappled with dots of cream, with round chestnut eyes. I made the mistake of moving and he darted away, but his curiosity prevailed and he gingered back.
I was sure that his appearance was a divine message, or a representation of youth and nature, or some other metaphysical and spiritual happening. We stared at each other from behind a tree for a while. I whispered a greeting and thanks.
After a while, he darted back through the forest towards the open clearing and I got up to leave. I whispered a goodbye and thanks again and I left. However, we kept staring at each other the entire time. Once I crossed through the trellis that led to the forest however, I saw him rush through the trees and stop at a spot close to where we had first met. I looked and saw his mother standing behind the statue of the Goddess, as if waiting.
He began to suckle her eagerly and she simply gazed around and looked at me from time to time. Then she walked away to eat some grass and the doe followed. Eventually, they walked into the high grasses and I caught only glimpses of their hides. I left the forest and walked back to my car, astonished at what I had experienced.

People watching at O'Hare

Miniature Asian woman wear an eyelet hat on her sagely head

One foot, the left, hovers above the floor while the right firmly rests

She holds her cane close to her heart as she fingers mahogany rosary beads, her mouth still

She sips an iced sugary coffee, not sure if she enjoys it

She watches people around her, eyes shaded by large shadowed glasses

Little girl pops up and down on a chair

Her blonde white hair stands in two spiky balls on top of her head, kept secure with technicolor ribbons

Straight swirly, crinkled,fat, thin

Dark pink with polka dots, blue, yellow, orange, and green

Different shades of the colors surround the set of rounded hair

She colors with markers on a clean white page with black lines creating her own global color scheme with her mother clothed in black; her hair in a ponytail jutting out of the back of her black cap like a shrub

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