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Maintain the slow-carb diet for 30 days

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Was so pressed for time and hardly had enough protein to eat so I cheated and grabbed a sub. Do not feel so guilty. Thinking about which day to dub cheat day… sat or sun?

Nilagang manok with soup and sayote
some corned beef
lots of buttered veggies (cabbage, carrot, tomato and onion)
1 spicy italian wheat bread sub from subway (!)


Broke my diet today… watched a gig of D’s. Friends + a good show = beer = more beer = a fast food trip. Considered counting this as a cheat day but somehow it doesn’t seem like the solution.

salad nicoise without the egg
1 chicken thigh from mang inasal
1 order tofu w shitake mushrooms from zuppa
1 fillet o fish sandwich from mcdonald’s (!)
1 order large fries (!)
3 beers (!)
1 small glass rum coke (!)


Okay, so although I experienced a few craving-pangs (I wasn’t hungry, really) I did okay today.

10:30 – 1 small can of red beets, 1/2 can of kidney beans and half a bunch of lettuce with vinaigrette

1:00 – 1/2 can of kidney beans, half a bunch of lettuce and 1 can of tuna with vinaigrette

6:30 – roasted chicken thigh, stir fried tofu with shitake mushrooms, carrots and leeks in some sweet brown sauce

7:00 – large carrot juice (unsweetened)

*handful of peanuts somewhere in between…


10:30 A.M. – 1 large, double yolk egg, 1 medium sized carrot (grated), some onion, 3/4 cup red beans all mixed with vinaigrette

1:50 A.M. – 1 large, double yolk egg, 1 carrot (grated), some onion, 1 and 1/2 cup red kidney beans all mixed with vinaigrette, 1 small serving of chicken nilaga

7:00 – A decent helping of beef nilaga with cabbage, string beans, corn, sweet potato(3 small cubes of beef)

Start of the Slow-Carb Diet

I am following this diet as recommended in the 4-hour body by Tim Ferris. Wednesday, March 2, was Day 1 so I am now on Day 6.

This is the diet:
No carbs that could be ‘white’
No drinking calories (juices, soda, etc)
No dairy
Eat protein, legumes and veggies
Eat anything and everything on cheat day – once a week

My cheat days are on Saturdays. Starting today, I hope to keep a faithful, if not entirely accurate log of what passes through my lips.

10 A.M. Feijoada – Brazilian Black Beans with Smoked Meats with a large, double yolk egg

1 P.M. 1 pc roasted chicken thigh with refried beans and string beans and pumpkin in coconut milk on the side

6 P.M generous serving of refried beans

Notes: I could drink more water

Food/Exercise log - Nov 17

Breakfast: 3 oreo cookies and half a glass of milk
Snack: 4 dumplings and a glass of coconut juice
Lunch: 1 cup of white rice, grilled chicken leg and 2 very small pcs fish sate
Dinner: 1 pc breaded pork, 3/4 cup marble potatoes, some tomato

Exercise: commute on foot, walking around the city’s wholesale market

Notes: drink much, much more. include more fruits and veggies in diet. put together an exercise routine!!!! take a nearly-nakie pic (which will serve as the ‘before’ component of my major project)

So much for that

I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t logged back on to since I signed up. Well, maybe I should start again tom. This is my back up plan. Record my intake, exercise routine and progress on 43 things.

1st goal – lose 5 pounds before Nov 23

Diet – Lots of water, veggies and fruit
No sugar, caffeine, junk food, fast food, alcohol
3 sensible meals a day, 2 healthy snacks

Exercise – yoga 3 days this week
jogging for 1 hour

Good luck to me :) :)

is a great tool for getting healthier and losing weight! Anyone with this goal should drop by this site. It tracks several aspects of fitness – food intake, activities, mood, weight, goals, and journal entries.. it also includes charts in the progress report sections. This has been my third day using the tool, and mostly, it’s help be more aware of the things I eat. It makes me think about (and resist) some of my sometimes less than desirable eating habbits. What? Kimchi and leftover sausage at 11pm? Fast food twice a week?

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