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stop drinking soda

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Um, well...

I’m sort of doing better. My parents are still the main problem, because they get soda as a treat for me and I feel bad saying no when they went out of their way and just want to see me happy. But modeling good habits for my little cousins is important, and helps me remember to make the right choice. Tea is my new obsession, which helps. Also, movie theaters are really bad-there’s nothing to order except soft drinks, and water just doesn’t really cut it for me.

Peer pressure to fall off the wagon

I’ve determined that the culprit is my parents. Whenever I visit my mom and dad they always have tons of soda, and they sort of push it on me expecting me to like it as a treat, and I feel bad when I say no. I guess I’ll just have to get tougher with them!

I slipped

So I had a coke zero last night, and a few sips of a Dr. Pepper a few days ago. But I only drank the smallest size can, and coke zero isn’t too terrible compared to some sodas. I’m doing better though, and remembered to order tea or water in the last few restaurants I’ve been to.

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