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Act consistently in ways that allow everyone around you to shine

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You Can't Change The Past, But . . .

But you can attempt to inform more people of more perspectives of what may have happened in the past – so that not only one version of history is considered.

In That System, What Percentage Of The People Involved Can Win?

If you channel and encourage others into systems where it is perceived there are only a few finite resources – and only one or a few people can win – leaving the majority of people as “losers”, then the majority of people will likely be losers. And many of the people in that majority will, correctly or incorrectly, perceive themselves as losers.

For some people, this concept may seem obvious or simple, but it may be more complex and insipid than many people give it credit.

Examining your work and social systems, what percentage of the participants can “win”?

If you think too few people are able to win, then you can consider attempting to participate in different systems. That might be a better option than repeatedly enforcing systems where only one or only a few can “win”.

What Makes a Person Special?

What makes you special is not that you are one of a kind.

Everyone is one of a kind.

What will make you special?

Try to be kind to everyone.


Heaven is not so much a place you find as it is a place you re-create every day.

What She Has and What She Teaches Me

If I have a talent that is uncommon and valuable, it is an ability to recognize valuable, yet underrecognized and undervalued positive traits in others.

My love has an incredible ability to create social environments where everyone around her can shine. Often, even the people shining around her don’t see the good she is doing for them.

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