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get out of debt

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Well, I’m still horribly in debt and dont see an end. I am around 26k and in the 3 months ive had a job it hasnt shifted much. I planned on being debt free (bar a house) by time im 30. And i honestly dont see this happening. :(

I am NO WHERE near completing this.

Ive owe:

£10k – Graduate Loan
£13k – Student Loan
£1k – PC
£400 – Car
£300 – Credit Card
£1800- Overdraft

£26.5k – TOTAL

And before uni I had none of that!!! I’m struggling to pay bills atm let alone pay back the debt I have. WHy cant I be rich?


I estimate that after I get a graduate loan I will owe about £25000.

Thats roughly $42000.

Nearly all of this is due to my Uni education. The graduate loan will pay off alot of small debts but still itll take me until I’m 30 to get rid of all of it.

Dammit Ive Got So Much Debt

Ok when i say out of debt I mean except for a mortgage. Ive got Uni debts, personal debts and credit card debts. I reckon I could get them all paid off in a few years. Man that would be a happy day!!!!

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