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become LEED accredited

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Back to it.

after totally not focusing on this goal, its back. I would like to take my test by the ned of May. I have started studying again -this past week was Sustainable Sites and Water Efficiency. I’ll start studying the next two tomorrow.

(The upgrade in priority is mostly because my work will pay for the exam now -as long as I pass it)

LEED -Jeez!

Well, I’ve finally read all the credits. I am overwhelmed. It has been decades since school. There are so many percentages and numbers to remember. I need to pick a weekend and just focus and study. I think for me the best bet will be to go ahead and schedule the test that way I’ll have to get it memorized.

take LEED exam (& pass) before the end of September

I would like to take LEED exam and pass it before the end of September.

I think it is amazing how much more aware of the environmental impact of how we live and build people are becoming. I think it is through the efforts of the USGBC and many many others that this is taking place. Nothing is perfect but programs like LEED, energy star and such definitely are a step in the right direction.

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