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take better care of myself

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Recently I made a list of lots of appearance based ways to take care of myself better. This will have the dual effect of making me feel better about myself on a physical & emotional level.
So I’ve begun doing things a little differently. I’m still in transition mode & working out the best way to make it work into my schedule.

So I am feeling quite good about this, that I am making some progress.

There are just so many things that I could do, it’s just making them fit & balance with everything else!

My physical health has been a lot better. It’s been over a month completely clear of the health issue that has plagued me this year. I have had a couple of headaches and a cold but those are pretty standard Winter things and with all the super nasty bugs that have been going around I think I have done well not to get anything worse.

So yes, definitely progressing.


I have a scratchy feeling throat but I feel as tho it has hit me a lot less than it would have if I weren’t looking after myself. So that is good! My partner has it a lot worse :(


Okay, I’ve had a nagging recurrent health issue this year so I decided to look for other methods of treatment other than antibiotics.

I read about Ayurveda & their methods for dealing with my infection. I’m kinda shy about the whole situation but if anyone wants to know specifically about it, feel free to pm me.

Basically, the treatment is to have only fruits and vegies and I’ve had some nuts for a while until the infection has passed. It’s pretty obvious with this condition when it has gone… And I did this for all of yesterday and most of today too & as of yesterday, I was feeling AMAZING, the best I have felt in a few weeks.

I feel normal, completely, for the first time in months!

It is basically a detox, I have been drinking lots of vegie juice and eating lots of apples and carrots and some nuts.

I also started taking probiotic supplements last week which was having a great but not complete impact on me too.

So I am ridiculously happy about this. It is amazing to say that I am well, completely again.

I’ve been to the Dr twice about this, and they have misdiagnosed & given me only temporary relief from this condition.

Obviously this is still early days. I am going to keep up with the juices and avoid all the foods that are recommended to avoid for the rest of the week. I am hoping that this treatment is permanent!



after having had a couple of medical problems this year, I’ve been doing some reading into the benefits of probiotics to add back the good bacteria after being on antibiotics etc.

So I’ve bought myself a higher dose, month’s supply to see how this goes.

I’m taking what feels like a LOT of supplements these days but my health is a top priority. As I get back to myself healthwise I will probably wean myself off one or two things that I currently take.

We’ll see.


Doing awesome on some things here.
I’ve given up caffeine for good I think.
The reason for this is related to health problems that I’ve had this year which it just seems to aggravate. It also messes with my hormones & when I avoid it I suffer a lot less with menstrual problems.

I’m taking multivitamins & herbal hormone tablets every day. And other supplements that I need at the moment.

I’m eating pretty well & have also cut back on “treats” a bit. I don’t have them a lot but you know, the yum slice on Mother’s day, the frozen yoghurt (tho this is pretty harmless) while watching a movie etc.

Sleeping is mostly good, should try to get to bed a little earlier.

Drinking lots of water.

Meditating every morning. I love this, I look forward to it so much, my peaceful time.

I do need more exercise! It’s not my strong point. And Yoga. Especially since I have been doing full time office work.

I could do with more pampering facial type things but my skin routine is pretty solid now aside from the dreaded eye make up.

What I really want to feel is vitality. I’m not quite there yet.


Happy to report I am in much better health since my last little incident & it is GOOD.

But now I need to focus on maintaining good health & vibrancy. I’ve got some more vitamins & have been taking some other supplements.

I need to be more vigilant in avoiding caffeine. I don’t drink coffee every day anymore but I want to limit tea a bit more & eat less dark chocolate. I know it has good properties but I overdo it I think~!

I’ve had a few crappy meals lately so I need to work on that. I always have at least one, usually 2-3 GOOD meals per day but I have been a little slack lately.

I could do with better sleep… I’ve not been getting to bed as early lately, I look quite tired in the mirror :S Speaking of such things…. should zzzz

It's April

And this year has been rough so far. I realise now that for at least 2 months of it I have been unwell, with something insidious that is gone now thank goodness.

I’m still awaiting some test results due to easter weekend making doctors busy/closed but I am hoping that they will reveal that I’ve had a relatively simple problem though sneaky as it has been…

So for the rest of the year I want to maintain super good health. I thought that last year was a bad one and I don’t want this one to follow suit in the health department. I have conquered this one now & I plan to keep it gone.

Doctor again

well I am not at all a fan of going to the Dr but today I did for the same or similar to the reason I went a couple of months ago… to try something different for it & maybe do more tests (Fingers crossed for NOT)

I have to avoid the sun, caffeine, eat at certain times, have a headache & get up at 5am to take a tablet – all this for 3 days. I sure hope this solves the problem this time!

This has all had a horrible impact on my mood & as a result my relationship… it’s not gooood…


Well, I’ve given up coffee as a habit…. again! Hopefully it lasts this time ;)

Still drinking lots of water!!

Taking my vitamins every week day… not so good on the weekend :S

Going to bed at a decent time :)

Increase in the amount of organic food I’m eating, especially fruit & vegies!

I haven’t had any headaches for a good while :)

On the not so great side, I’ve possibly been less active due to doing office work for more hours a day but I have been on a few good walks.

I’ve also not developed an eye make-up removal habit…

And I’ve only had one bath day this year, which I feel both good and bad about. :S

Getting there, good to reflect!


Argh I really do like coffee and I’ve gone back to one per day which isn’t really all that bad! Yum…

But I’ve been super duper good with drink far more water than I have in a long time for a few weeks. I’ve been feeling a lot better for it!

Need more skills with the remembering my vitamins but I’ve moved them to a more visible spot so this should help.

And I have been making an effort to get lots of sleep. I’ve even had to ask my flatmates to quieten down after 10pm… which I could have just tried to ignore but I know that lying in bed for 1-2 hours when I should be asleep is not good for me.

Trying to be more active too.. :)

And I’ve realised that when I ate pretty much all organic food I very rarely got sick so I am endeavouring to get back to that though I am not sure yet whether I can afford it, which was the reason I stopped in the first place. Today I explored it though & was pleasantly surprised by some things :)

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