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2 Months in Guatemala

After 2 months in Guatemala I am a much more confident speaker of Spanish. I still have a lot to learn but I feel better about my ability to be understood. This semester I tackle the Into to Hispanic Lit class again. I hope I can pass it this semester. I am contemplating having to drop my my Spanish minor if I can’t complete it on time. None the less my goal is to learn spanish… not complete the minor I am going to keep trying with my minor and we shall see.

Playing with Language

I really enjoyed my composition course. It really gave me a chance to play with the language. Our last composition was a creative piece which i used poetry and pros in. It was difficult but fun. I got an A in the course.

Next semester is Introduction to Spanish Literature. I’m already looking forward to it. Though it will require long hours, reading is still difficult for me. I am getting better with my spanish slowly but surely.


Alright so I got a B in the last course. I was a little dissappionted with myself. I also failed to review even once this summer.

This semester has me in my first composition course. So here is hoping I can do well. I’ll probably need to put in some hours reviewing.

It’s going to be a heck of a work load this semester, this course is also writing intensive. My class list reads like a travel brochure:

Greece, East Asia, Spanish, African Cultures… lol wish me luck.


The Intermediate Conversation and Grammer course I am taking kinda sucks. I fully admit I’m not great at speaking, and the set up of this class is… odd to me. Also I think I am not as well prepared as some of the other students… I can’t conjugate in future tense yet. Blahhh…

Going to have to put in some more effort some how…. have to figure out where I can find more effort first though.

Yup luck

I got the A. Wow. Now I just hope I get my voice back. I’ve got three weeks I should be fine.

Looking at a summer course in Costa Rica if I don’t do Ethnographic field school in Mexico next summer. Going to have to get approval for that though.

Onward and Up Ward

I nailed the final for this semesters Spanish course. It was a lot easier then I expected it too be. However, I only did minimally well on the oral performance. I need to be a point or 2 higher to get an A. So mathematically I know I earned a B this semester.

However, my teacher hinted that I would be doing better than that, because my participation grade is great and my composition was amazing. her words. So I may have really really really lucked out this semester.

Next semester is my conversation course. I need a lot of improvement there.

So far- so good

My class is going well. In the A range I think. I also think that i am beginning to pick up the language. Some of it is coming to mind easier anyway. I have high hopes. 3 more weeks then onward and upward.

I keep hoping I’ll get through things well. I really wish I was catching on quicker. But as long as I’m persistent I will get it.

Fall 2010

So tomorrow I start Intermediate Spanish 1, which is the third class in the series for my minor. Yay.

I am really disappointed in myself for not spending more time on Spanish this summer. Here’s to a good semester.


I’ll be taking another class this fall, my second at university. I took 2 class at Community College, and 2 in high school, but they never stuck because I don’t get enough practice with it. I learn it well, then for get it from lack of use. Hoping to do much better this time.

Goal Adoption Date 07/16/2010

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