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Lunaripyros has written 2 entries about this goal

Last minute isn't my Idea of a Good Time

So I have thesis Comity. It happened over the last 3 weeks… though really it all got put off, by myself and them until this last week. Dr. P almost backed out Wednesday. I nearly died. But she talked to Dr. G and Thursday she was back on board. Dr. W did back out at 5 o’clock on Thursday…. I nearly cried and my heart stopped for a few minutes. But I really lucked out and Dr. A was still in. After a brief talk with him he signed on and saved my bacon. I had a comity by the dead line Friday.

Advice to people getting their comity together: Don’t let them put you off til the last minute. No matter what good reasons they have. Start early, get them involved early.

Slow Going

Dr. G has asked me to wait till my proposal is more complete to ask any one to join my comity. I think he’s right. None the less, I really hope Dr. P agrees to it in the anth department. I’ll have to scout out the psych department for my third. Should be able to get started on this in February.


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