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be an adventurer and explorer.

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Lune Fromage: Born of Stardust has written 1 entry about this goal

I already am an adventurer and explorer... many senses of the word.

I know I want this so much, but I cannot quite figure out what I mean by it, or how I can hope to achieve this.

I think when I chose this goal, I meant that no matter what I do in life I always want to continue to have adventures and explore. As far as adventures and exploring go, I am pretty on top of that in my everyday life…both intellectually and literally. I would just love a career in which I can be an adventurer and explorer! I want to not only have my everyday adventures which I create for myself, but go on big daring adventures around the world! When I lived in Thailand, I always felt as though I was fulfilling this goal, and at home I even find myself exploring every nook and cranny of life there is to explore, but what it boils down to is, perhaps, a fear of a complacency, a fear of having a job which will keep me rooted to routine… I also fear not making a difference in the world… My search for the perfect job is really my search for the perfect life… and no life is perfect. I believe that we only live once, as far as we know, and I want my life to be all that it can be. I am also afriad of becoming distant from my family. I think once I can find a career which quenches my thirst for adventure, allows me to help make a difference in the world, and allows me to still feel close to my family (or be able to see my family fairly regurally) then I will know that I can accomplish this goal and will be able to mark it done, because as the title says: I already am an adventurer and explorer. :)

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