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deviantArt is so inspiring :)

I’m uploading older photos to my account now. After that’s done, I’m going to go on a mission to hunt down art installations around the city. At least it’ll get me taking photos again. I’ve stopped for a long time. It’s kind of depressing.

My friend and I

were just talking tonight about how we don’t take photos anymore. We were speaking about our personal experience, though, because we’re both in the same school and the same major so we know what kind of busy we are. It’s crazy and often times, we just don’t care anymore about taking photos.

As for me, I feel like…if I’m hanging out with a friend for dinner or something, I just want to enjoy the moment and relax. It’s not an “adventure” to be “recorded”. I see it as a little moment to just relax and be with someone, to bond, to communicate.

She agreed. Then I suggested we go and do more adventures! Then we will have a reason to drag our camera along! :D

I've stopped carrying my camera everywhere with me

So I used to bring my digital cam everywhere. And I mean everywhere, in every bag, I’d just throw it in with my wallet and keys and phone. :)

However, I stopped doing it because I guess all I do is go to school and go back home. I’m so preoccupied about schoolwork that I’m never really on the lookout for photos anymore.

I should at least start bringing the camera around when I hang out with friends. Even if it’s not a “special occasion,” it is sometimes much more fun to capture the “normal” moments when you’re just laughing away the night. I also just moved into a new place. I may need to ask a friend to help me assemble some furniture so perhaps we can also do something after. That’s a photo-op right there!


this weekend will yield some new pics!

I am going to dinner with new friends on Friday, a dance exhibition on Saturday at the park, and a boat parade on Sunday. If I have time, I might squeeze in a film at the Film Festival or go walking around the park for longer. :)

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