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Time flies

I’ve been so busy lately, and so have all my new friends. It’s extra hard to really bond with people when everyone all around is crunched for time. :( I am definitely making more effort to keep up with them.

I already made plans for dinner for tomorrow and Friday. Tomorrow is with someone I have not hung out with in weeks, even though we live on the same floor of the same building (we’re almost neighbors, actually). It’s quite sad.

Expansion and development

By moving and relocating to a new place, I’ve been forced to really think about this goal. It is definitely cause for expanding my social circle. I’ve recently met a bunch of new people. Some of them I may never get in touch with again but some maybe I will. Who knows? A roommate that I became close with have returned to her native country – sad as I am to say :( but it was great. She was the first friend I confided in here in the city.

So many people introduce me to their friends, I feel that I should return the favor and introduce them to my other friends as well. I should start a dinner party theme thing. I’ve just signed the lease for a new place to live and I’ll be moving in uber soon. So perhaps I will invite a few people who don’t know each other over and they can meet each other. I have many international friends – I think they would enjoy getting to know more people, especially in a new country! :) I think this would be a fun thing to do.

I’m trying to spend more time with the people I’ve met, instead of just saying that I will eventually hang out. I’ve been making a lot more effort to ask them to dinner or to do interesting things around the city. That’s the developmental phase – meeting people is not enough. Friendships require time to grow. So that’s what I’m trying to do!

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