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have a flat stomach

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into another workout? Yep. I thought the HipHop Abs workout looked like something that might be enjoyable and fun. I forked out the money and I’m hoping it will help me tone up my soft middle.

I worked out today for the first time and it was a lot of fun. It was great cardio, good music, and worked my body. I’m hoping that tomorrow I’ll feel the work I put in today. I measured my body (arms, waist, legs, and chest)plus weighed myself, and in one week I want to see if it makes a difference. I plan on eating better this week and laying off any sweets or food I don’t really need to eat. My calories need to stay below 1800 and that should be pretty easy.

I'm laughing

only because I’ve gained back all that I “lost” when I was working out. A flat stomach is almost an impossible goal anymore. I can no longer go workout due to finances and no one to watch the kids. I haven’t found a good substitute for working out at home. If anyone has any ideas on what has worked for them, please let me know. I’m just frustrated that I have been so unmotivated in this area and it really shows now. :o(

I need to find something that works for me at home until I have other options available for me. I’d love to hear if anyone has found a home solution for getting fit…...

Is this really possible?

I wonder. I think. I really want to know.

I don’t have a huge stomach, but after kids I have this little pooch that never seems to go away. If I flex my muscles beneath, there could be a six pack there if there weren’t that remenants of baby belly left. I know it can be done, but if it takes a trainer and more than 2 hours per day then I’m guessing this is not going to happen (for me at least).

I have a life, children, no extra money, and no extra time. So I say to meself….Self – what do I have? I have motivation, at least half an hour each day (or more if I work at it), and I already work out at the fitness centre at my work. This is the path for success if I can find what works for me. I have access to personal trainers that could help me find better ways to focus on this area of my body. I can eat healthier. I can walk more. Heck, I can even help my children stay healthier when we do it together.

So I guess it is possible. I just need the right tools and the perserverance to do it. My first task is to look at my schedule and make time to exercise each day. I need to hold myself accountable so I do it on those days I don’t go to the gym. The next step is talking to a trainer and getting a work out routine that works for ME.

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