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Green green everywhere....

I wish I could afford a huge greenhouse, but for now I have to settle for the plants that are spread throughout the house. :o)

More Angels

This little angel sits near my computer. She has a green landscape painted on her dress and is made of metal.


In every room in our house that has a fan, I have hung a different angel. It adds a special touch to the cord and so nice to see them there.


One of the features I love in our house is our stairway. As you come in the door, you are greeted with a staircase and a huge open floorplan.

New bed clothes

Just bought some new bedding to complete the bedroom and after we put it on, my daughter said our room looked like a fancy hotel room! lol

Trojan Warrior

My bathroom is the only fully painted room in my house. And hanging in full view is my trojan warrior. lol He found a new home in the bath after we painted the wall downstairs. :o)

Another "home" view

The sun was coming up this morning in all its blazing glory. It was an intense orange and it cast some interesting shadows on the front window blinds.

Flowers Galore

We have a huge bush that is overgrown with bright pink flowers. It is so nice to look at from the patio.

Feeding the birds

Outside we have a sunflower that decided to grow alongside the bird feeder. :o)

Fairy Garden

This is a tiny little garden that sits on my desk.

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