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Make a plan and stick to it!

I’ve been making plans every month, but haven’t been sticking to them! I think maybe because I stopped posting them for others to see. So now I’ll go back to posting the basics here so that I might actually accomplish my plans. So some of my goals for this month of July will be to: Get 10 or more service hours; Throw an awesome surprise anniversary dinner for my best friends; Put at least 5 new pieces of jewelry on Etsy; Clean and organize my room so I can have a productive work and living space.


My one month plan for December will be to get 20 or more hours in service, get at least one dog or horse massage, put a new piece of jewelry on my Facebook and Etsy pages once a day until I run out of new pages, finish knitting the scarf I’m working on and that’s all I can think of right now.


Looking back on this plan I feel like I’ve failed quite a bit… I have less than 10 service hours for the month, I hardly went running at all, I did not start designing my jewelry website, I did not read the bible every day and I will not finish NaNoWriMo with the 50K words.
The only success I’ve had is that I did have two dog massages and I have another one planned for the first week in Dec. I was also moderately successful at the art festival. I didn’t plan on it, but I did quit my job and get a new, better one, so I’m very happy about that! Hopefully I will achieve more in December.

My one month plan...

I have a crazy November planned. I’ll be working 40-50 hour weeks at my retail job. Friday the 5th I’m going to my friend’s house for a ‘girl’s night’ which should be awesome. Saturday the 6th I got invited to go to an Art Festival and set up a table to sell me jewelry (for which I am incredible excited!!) Saturday the 19th I have to work at the retail job =(. I just got a phone call to do a dog massage, which will be nice to make some extra $ and I have to call her back and schedule that. The 20th-26th my parents will be out of town, so I expect some late nights hanging out and lots of fun. The 26th I’m going to my friend’s house again for a big football watching party with her and her husband and some other friends. The 24th I have off work, so I’m thinking about maybe driving to Miami beach for a day, not sure yet though. Now that my doctor ok’d it I might start running again too.

Things I definitely want to accomplish this month: over 20 service hours, at least one animal massage, sell a bunch of jewelry at the art festival, run at least every other day, start designing my jewelry website, read the bible every day and complete NaNoWriMo!

I am going to be BUSY!

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