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Rockman Neo

Rockman Neo
Episode 1: Date with an old friend.
Benjamin Hennessy.
Based on the classic game series by Capcom.
Revisions &
Current Revisions by
Benjamin Hennessy, (6/28/2005)
Benjamin Hennessy
2424 Westglen-Farms Drive, Wildwood, MO. 63011
(636) 458-9641

1 EXT. WASTELAND- NIGHT 1TWO MEN run for their lives, fleeing an as yet unseen danger.
A DARK SHADOW with glowing red eyes watches the men run past
and laughs quietly to himself. A second DARK SHAPE also with
red eyes leaps behind the first shape and too laughs.
Up in a tree, a third SHADOW FIGURE leaps from his perch to
the roof of a tomb, then to the ground, crouching like a
gargoyle. He GROWLS in rage and sets off in pursuit.
The TWO TERRIFIED MEN come to a clearing and stop, uncertain
which way to turn. As the three menacing figures approach
them from all sides.
A clawed mechanical hand slashes downward in a vicious up and down motion. The
FIRST MAN screams as his face is splattered with blood. The
second man turns to look behind himself. He comes face to
face with a horrifying tight shot of a metal saw-like mouth.
Rockman stands on the peak of a junkpile overlooking the wasteland silhouetted against the harvest moon. He’s lifting an electric generator with the size of a monster truck body chassis. He looks around, turns on the generator and launches it past the figures, causing a massive explosion silhouetting the figures against it.

The SHADOWY CONTRAPTIONS crouch over their fresh kill. They lift
their heads looking for the source of the wreckage. The largest
of the contraptions stands up and mechanically roars at the sky. The others
follow it.

Time to go.
They all stand and together walk towards Rockman.
3 EXT. WASTELAND- NIGHT 3ROCKMAN still waits as the FOUR CONTRAPTIONS crawl up the sides of
the pile toward him. Rockman stops stalling as the contraptions gain
footing on the roof.
(peeved and sarcasticly)
No-no-noo! The hell boys made a mess again. This will hurt me more than it will youuu!
The four contraptions look at one another and back at ROCKMAN. They
shrug apologetically.
We didn’t do it…, Sir.
Zooms out on wasteland when suddenly four shrieks are let out in the distance.
The MARQUEE READS: Dr. Wily Family Labs. The
lobby lights turn off, then the signs, and finally the
marquee lights.
A few blocks away on the same street, a FOG rolls in eerily
lit with blue light. Inside the fog, LIGHTNING FLASHES, and
there is a BRIGHT BLUE EXPLOSION. The THICK FOG rolls past the
labs as WILY locks the front doors for the night.
WILY is the owner of the labs. He is a long-hair
geriatric genius type: pale, short, with a bookish air about him.
Fog. Cool.
Wily stands in front of the lab, turns around and
looks up at the lab proudly. He shoves his hands in the
pockets of his scientist’s jacket, steps backwards a few feet
into the street and smiles.
I own all my forefathers created! I’m an emperor of creation.
The street is deserted but somewhere in the fog Wily can
hear the sound of souped-up engines and tank treads. They becomes louder.
Wily stares into the fog but he can’t make out anything.
A street light explodes and goes dark, and then another and
Wily (CONT’D)
What the hell?
A DARK SHAPE streaks past WILY, almost knocking him over.
Its unearthly scream echoes down the street. WILY turns
around but sees nothing.
Holy s**t!
Doctor Wily?
Wily turns around. A Dark Robot is standing in front
of him. He’s a blue AI combat robot with a sinister
smile on his face. He wears a armored blue helmet with a
cobalt blue steel suit.
Did I scare you?
Yes, droid.
Good. I’m gonna kill you.
You’re with the army, right?
No. They’re hunting me.
Do you hear 249 engines with headers?
Allison transmissions and treads roaming the ground around us? Cuz I do.
(Peeved more than last time)
That’s Zero Army. WHYYYYYYYY???!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Out of the fog come FOUR HI-TECH TANKS. The DRIVERS are
dressed in future costume. They stop in front of
the labs and wait, unmoving.
Who’ll kill who now?
Isn’t it… me, kills you?
I went to them and said you’d be here tonight.
We meet here tomorrow—three past twelve.
(With a smirk on his face)
I’m sorry. I was just going home.
A TALL GAUNT MAN walks up to ROCKMAN, his arms outstretched. He
holds a electric taser-like handcuff in his hands.
Thank-you, liar. I’ll catch up later.
He openly wears the cuffs. The man chortles slightly and walks away with Rockman in custody.

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