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list 100 things that make me happy

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the first cuddle when crawling into bed together… one of the best moments of the day.

We hold eachother almost the entire night switching from being the inside spoon to being the outside spoon and back. I would not be albe to choose between inside spoon or outside spoon. I love them both!

the first


cat paws all together

is there anything cuter…?

cat paws in the snow


the christmas tree

One of the highlights of the year. I love to decorate it while listening to ella fitzgerald… This year’s edition is a real beauty!

the divine beauty

of autumn… the colours, the smell in the air, winter is coming.


I love it when a flock of geese is flying over our house. We live quite close to a small birdlake, so they do that often. I love it every time. The sound they make and the flapping of their wings… Magical.

purr purr

...the sound of my cat purring…

Refreshing and wakes me up

Early in the morning…walking barefoot in the grass that is covered in dew.


Pink sky… My daddy used to love that too…

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